Service Award Program

The University of California Santa Cruz Service Award Program demonstrates appreciation to staff for their years of dedicated University service.

Any month in which an employee works 50% or more of the working hours in a staff title is counted as service for service award and vacation accrual purposes. Prior service may be intermittent, but employees must be active in service on their anniversary date to receive an award. Employees on a leave of absence will receive their award upon return to work after appropriate re-calculation. For questions regarding years of service, please contact your Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst. Please note that calculations of prior service for gift awards and vacation accrual are not the same as those carried out by UCRS for retirement service.

Eligible staff will receive one of the following gifts based on the milestone anniversary they have reached. The following table has links to images of the service award gifts.

Service Award Program - Recognition Gifts

Years of Service
10 Years
15 Years
20 Years
25 Years
30 Years
35 Years
40 Years