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The logistical, operational & communications foundation for SHR.

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  • SHR Unit budget

Elvia Ontiveros
Cary Nichols

  • Office of the President Liaison with HR Policy
Elvia Ontiveros
  • Policy Review and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Special Projects
Elvia Ontiveros
  • Space/Facilities Management
  • Records Management
    • Personnel Record Access Requests
    • Personnel Records Maintenance
    • Subpoena/Record Request Response

Drew Goings
Elvia Ontiveros

  • Vacation/Service Credit Calculations and Recognition
  • LiveScan Coordination

Elvia Ontiveros

  • Web Updates/Banners
  • E-Blasts
  • Tuesday Newsday/News Release Requests
  • Special Communication Projects

Detmar Finke

- Staff Directory -

Mailstop: Staff Human Resources 
Location: Scotts Valley Center - 100 Enterprise Way

Elvia Ontiveros BAPPR Manager
Drew Goings BAPPR Administrative Specialist
Molly Meehan BAPPR Administrative Analyst
Cary Nichols Budget Analyst 459-3784
Detmar Finke Digital Communications Specialist 459-1684
Sukhi Manak BAPPR Student Assistant -
Alexia Flores De La Torre BAPPR Student Assistant - 
Ryanne Granados BAPPR Student Assistant - 
Isabella (Bella) Thompson BAPPR Student Assistant -
Amy Avila BAPPR Student Assistant -
Irene Diaz Martinez BAPPR Student Assistant -
Winnie Wong BAPPR Student Assistant -
Isabelle Leber BAPPR Student Assistant -
Sophia Uribe BAPPR Student Assistant -
Grace Chien BAPPR Student Assistant -