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The logistical, operational & communications foundation for SHR.

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  • SHR Unit budget
Elvia Ontiveros
Kevin O'Neill
Ryder Fletcher
  • Office of the President Liaison with HR Policy
Elvia Ontiveros
Hannah Whelan
  • Administrative support to Steve Stein and Elvia Ontiveros
Hannah Whelan
  • Policy Review and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Special Projects

Elvia Ontiveros
Hannah Whelan

  • Procurement Financial Support
  • Space/Facilities Management
  • Records Management
    • Personnel Record Access Requests
    • Personnel Records Maintenance
    • Records Retention Compliance
    • Subpoena/Record Request Response
  • Required Labor Law Notices

Drew Goings
Elvia Ontiveros

  • Background Check Questions
  • LiveScan Coordination
Livescan Fingerprinting

  • Service Credit Questions
  • Service Credit Vacation Calculations and Recognition 

  • Web Updates/Banners
  • E-Blasts
  • Tuesday Newsday/News Release Requests
  • Special Communication Projects

Detmar Finke

- Staff Directory -

Mailstop: Staff Human Resources 
Location: Scotts Valley Center - 100 Enterprise Way

Elvia Ontiveros BAPPR Manager
Drew Goings BAPPR Administrative Specialist
Alexiss Castaneda BAPPR HR Generalist
Eleene Olson BAPPR HR Generalist
Hannah Whelan BAPPR HR Generalist and Executive Assistant to Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO Steve Stein
Kevin O'Neill Budget Analyst 459-5379
Ryder Fletcher Budget Analyst 459-3929
Detmar Finke Web Developer - Digital Communications Specialist 459-1684
Alexia Flores De La Torre BAPPR HR Generalist 566-1626 
Aurora Hart BAPPR Student Assistant -
Christine Pappis BAPPR Student Assistant -
Crystal Zhang BAPPR Student Assistant -
Hailey Finnecy BAPPR Student Assistant - 
Jaspreet Kaur BAPPR Student Assistant -
Jesus Guzman BAPPR Student Assistant -
Kristy Li BAPPR Student Assistant -
Yashima Birly BAPPR Student Assistant -