By Agreement (BYA) Guidelines

Generally, all employees shall hold regular appointments with a monthly or biweekly rate and percentage of time specified with corresponding benefits eligibility. However, payment of a set, negotiated amount, a by agreement appointment (BYA) is appropriate for specific types of  work. Individuals who hold BYA positions and who are subsequently appointed on an ongoing basis or whose assignments have been expanded or regularized should be appointed to a regular appointment with a percentage of time specified and receive a regular salary and corresponding benefits. 

The title codes listed below are the only title codes which can have a BYA DOS code and are subject to prior approval by Staff Human Resources.

Appropriate BYA Areas:

  • Arts Division (includes Sr. Musicians)

    • TC 9995 - Unclassified
  • Graduate Division

    • TC 9995 - Unclassified

  • Athletics & Recreation (ATH-REC)

    • TC 4005 – Head Coach

    • TC 4006 – Coach/Specialist

    • TC 4007 – Assistant Coach

    • TC 4011 - Recreation Program Instructor

  • Physical and Biological Sciences (PBSCI)

    • TC 9995 - Unclassified (West Nile Virus Study)

    • TC 9947 – Nest and Hack Site Attendant (Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group)

  • Student Government

    • TC 4329 – Appointed Official, Student Activities

    • TC 4331 – Elected Student Government Officer


  • BYA (Additional/One-time Payment) - Payment Authorization Request: shr-2040 (Under review - Contact Compensation Dept.)

  • SHR Classification Analysts will approve BYA positions for recruitments.

  • SHR Operations Manager approves BYA one-time payment/additional payment for students.


  • BYA one-time payment/additional payment form


  • BYA Appointments:

    • An employee is asked to capture, identify, dissect and pool mosquitoes, sample ticks, and assist with bird and mammal trapping and enter data for PB Science. The jobs are located in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. and employees are paid $1,400. This would be paid by setting up an appointment using the Unclassified title code with the BYA DOS code.
  • BYA One-Time Pay:

    • A recreation instructor at OPERS is asked to teach a half-day team building course for SHR for $100.  This would be paid BYA in the Recreation Program Instructor title code as one-time pay using the Request for Additional/One-Time Payment to UCSC Employee.

    • A Shuttle Driver with TAPS who is also a well known photographer is asked to photograph the historic buildings on campus for $1000. This would be paid BYA in the Unclassified title code as a one-time pay using the Request for Additional/One-Time Payment to UCSC Employee.

For more information, please see the Purchasing Process Guide.

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