Change in Percent Time- Voluntary

I. Summary

An employee may voluntarily request to increase or reduce the percentage of their appointment. The duration of a voluntary increase or reduction in time may be temporary or permanent.

An increase in the percentage of an appointment for career or limited position is approved by the Unit Head/Designee.

Involuntary reductions in time in career positions, including reductions in percent of appointment, unit reorganization, staffing needs, or a change to partial-year appointment, may constitute a layoff action. Please contact your ER Analyst for guidance.  

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) – Employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement
  2. Union Agreements – Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement

III. Authority

The unit head/designee is delegated the authority to approve these requests.

IV. Criteria

Normally, factors to be considered when approving a change in percent of appointment for staff positions are:

  • Availability of funds
  • Quantity of work
  • Unit reorganization
  • Staffing needs

V. Process Overview

  1. Employee submits request to supervisor to increase or decrease their time either temporarily or permanently
  2. Supervisor/Designee obtains appropriate approvals, consults with ER Analyst as appropriate.
  3. ER Analyst advises supervisor of potential changes to conditions of employment, including limited hours count. Forwards approved action to SHR Service Operations for processing.
  4. SHR Service Operations processes the action accordingly. 

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