Change in Percent Time- Voluntary

I. Policy Summary

An employee may voluntarily request to increase or reduce the percentage of his/her appointment. The duration of a voluntary increase or reduction in time may be temporary or permanent.

An increase in the percentage of an appointment for career or limited positions is approved by the Unit Head/Designee responsible for decentralized funding.

In addition, limited positions will be reduced in percentage of appointment, normally as a result of lack of funds, lack of work, unit reorganization, and/or staffing needs.

Involuntary reductions in time to career positions, including reductions in percent of appointment, unit reorganization, staffing needs, or a change to partial-year appointment, may constitute a layoff action. Refer to the Layoff/Involuntary Reduction in Time procedure.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) – employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement

    • PPSM 60 - Layoff and Reduction in time from PSS positions

    • PPSM 61 - Release during probationary period or from limited, casual/restricted appointments

  2. Contract Articles – Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement

III. Authority

The unit head/designee is delegated the authority to approve a:

  • Voluntary change in percent of appointment

  • Change in the percentage of appointment of limited positions

  • Increase in the percentage of appointment for career positions on a temporary basis

A permanent increase in time for a career position must be approved by the administrative officer/unit head with responsibility for decentralized funding.

IV. Criteria

Normally, factors to be considered when approving a change in percent of appointment for staff positions are:

  • Availability of funds

  • Quantity of work

  • Unit reorganization

  • Staffing needs

V. Process Overview

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Revised October 2008: A.11