Change in Vacation Accrual Rate


I. Summary

The University provides vacation for rest, relaxation, and renewal to career and limited employees who are appointed at 50% time or more for six months or more.

An employee who is not eligible to earn vacation because their appointment is less than 50% time or short-term may become eligible to earn vacation after six months of continuous service at 50% time or more.

The amount of vacation earned increases with the length of qualifying years of service based upon Absence from Work Policy or collective bargaining agreement.

Refer to: Leave Accrual Factors: Monthly & Biweekly Paid Staff Employees

  • Professional and Support Staff (PSS)
  • Senior Management Group (SMG)
  • Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP)

Qualifying service is a month on pay status at half time or more. Service need not be continuous to be counted. Periods of leave with pay, military leave with pay, and leave without pay because of a work-incurred injury or illness, are included in the determination of the length of qualifying service.

All University of California, State of California and California State University service at 50% time or more is counted to determine an employee's qualifying service toward vacation accrual rates. Refer to the State of California Agency to verify the eligibility of the state agency. Service at a County organization does not qualify. Academic service may be included to determine the length of service, but a service award or increase in a vacation accrual rate is granted only to a staff employee.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles, and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) –employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement

  2. Union Agreements - employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement


III. Process Overview


  1. Receives the Service Award Increase Eligibility form and Service Award (as applicable) from SHR.
  2. Notifies employee of the effective date of change in leave accrual rate.
  3. Presents Service Award to employee as appropriate.