Change in Layoff Unit

I. Summary

A layoff unit is defined as an established department unless otherwise designated by the Chancellor. The layoff unit may include the department, college, unit, program, subprogram, or in the case of extramurally-funded grants, the research project.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement:
    • PPSM 60- Layoff and Reduction in Time
  2. Union Agreements - employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

III. Authority

The Principal Officer is delegated the authority to approve a change in layoff unit in accordance with policy or collective bargaining agreements. This authority may be re-delegated.

IV. Criteria

A layoff unit should reflect the necessary staffing of a department/unit to meet its’ operational requirements.

V. Process Overview

The Unit Head consults with their Employee Relations (ER) Analyst to determine whether a layoff unit reflects the necessary staffing to meet the departments operational requirements and provides the ELR Analyst with following:

  • The ER Analyst reviews the proposed change in layoff units, consults with the Labor Relations (LR) Analyst.  The LR Analyst provides notice as outlined in the collective bargaining agreements.*
                                                 *Meet and confer must occur for labor agreements in status quo.
  • The ER/LR Analyst consults with the Unit Head on any comments from employees or unions on proposed changes to layoff units and makes a final recommendation to the Unit Head.
  • If needed, the Unit Head adjusts the Change in Layoff Unit Form and obtains Principal Officer/Designee approval and forwards the form electronically to ER/LR.
  • Upon receipt of the final approved Change in Layoff Unit Form, the LR Analyst notifies the unions as appropriate.
  • The ER/LR Analyst requests and update to the Staff HR Website


VI. Forms/Resources



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