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I. Summary

Eligible employees shall be provided leave with pay, (e.g. Administrative Leave, Vacation, Sick Leave, etc.) in accordance with PPSM policies or collective bargaining agreements, for Family Care/Medical leave, jury duty, administrative and legal proceedings, and for voting in statewide primary and general elections.

Employees may also be granted leaves with pay for specified university functions, professional development, donating blood, military leave, pregnancy disability, and when receiving temporary disability for a work incurred injury once sick leave has been exhausted (i.e. extended sick leave).

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by representation

    • Absence from Work Policy

  2. Contract Articles- employees covered by representation

III. Authority

The Chancellor or Executive Vice Chancellor may authorize administrative leave with pay for designated emergencies (e.g., natural disaster, power outages, building evacuation, etc.) and university functions (e.g., special campus meetings or events).

Principal Officers have authority to approve paid educational/professional leave for PPSM employees.

Unit heads approve leave with pay for all other paid leaves of absence.

IV. Criteria

Note: The following information applies to most employees, however for specific information; refer to the appropriate personnel policy or collective bargaining agreement.

Administrative and Legal Proceedings:

If attending administrative or legal proceedings on behalf of the University, attendance is considered time worked. Leave with pay shall not be granted when an employee is the plaintiff or defendant in a proceeding, is called or subpoenaed as a paid expert witness not on behalf of the University, or is called or subpoenaed because of duties for another employer. Policy and collective bargaining agreements describe other conditions where such leave is or is not granted.

Blood Donations:

An employee may be granted leave with pay, up to a maximum of two hours, for donating blood during regularly scheduled hours of work.


In the event of emergencies (e.g. natural disaster, power outage, building evacuations, etc.), employees may be granted leave with pay for the period of time authorized, if formally authorized by the Chancellor or Executive Vice Chancellor.

Extended Sick Leave:

Extended sick leave is a University benefit which provides an injured employee who is unable to work due to a work-incurred injury or illness compensable under the California Workers’ Compensation Act with 80% of salary for up to 26 weeks per injury after accrued sick leave is exhausted. The department pays the difference between 80% of salary and the temporary disability rate. Employees may be granted extended sick leave when their sick leave balances are exhausted and they are still unable to return to work because of injury or illness.

Jury Duty:

Generally, a full-time employee in a career position on any shift or work schedule shall be granted leave with pay for actual time spent on jury service and in related travel, not to exceed the number of hours in the employee’s normal work day and normal work week. Generally, a part-time employee in a career position shall be granted leave with pay for actual time spent on jury service and in related travel that occurs during the employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work.

Professional Development Leave:

PPSM employees may be granted paid professional development leave in accordance with policy and campus procedures.

Union Business:

Some represented employees are eligible for leaves of absence with pay for Union business for periods of one day up to a maximum of three years. Refer to the appropriate bargaining agreement for a description of the types of leaves, eligibility criteria, and related employee benefits. The union will reimburse the University for all costs of employee compensation for such leaves.

Voting Privileges:

An employee shall be granted leave with pay, up to a maximum of two hours, for voting in a statewide primary or general election if the employee is scheduled to work eight hours or more on that day and if the employee does not have time to vote outside of working hours.

Other Administrative Leave with Pay:

Employees may be granted leave with pay during regularly scheduled hours of work to attend University meetings or functions as designated by the Chancellor.

V. Process Overview

  1. The Employee notifies their supervisor of: attendance required in an administrative or legal proceeding on behalf of the University, need time to donate blood, Jury Summons, time needed for union business, time needed to vote in a statewide or general election.

  2. The Chancellor or Executive Vice Chancellor authorizes leave with pay in the event of an emergency.

  3. The Employee completes their time record indicating appropriate pay code and submits to their supervisor for approval.

  4. The Supervisor approves the time record.

  5. The SHR Service Operations Specialist reviews the time record for accuracy and ensures employee was paid appropriately for time work as required in an administrative or legal proceeding.

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