Search Firm Guidelines & Procedures

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish effective guidance to manage the recruitment, selection and work product of search firms when circumstances dictate their use.  UCSC is committed to outreach in its methods of recruitment to reach its goal of attaining diversity at all levels of staff employment, including the selection of retained firms to conduct searches.

Search firms are sometimes introduced in order to broaden the scope of the search and better meet our goal of attaining diversity. UCSC must respond proactively and strategically to the emerging challenges in a diverse and competitive employment market.

The following are guidelines for departments to follow when utilizing a search firm.

Departments should engage in extensive outreach to ensure that all potential applicants have equal opportunity to compete for the position.  Hiring managers should review the campus written Affirmative Action Plan(s) and note whether there are affirmative action goals for hiring women or minorities in the job group for which they are searching.

Upon decision to use a search firm, hiring managers should ask for and check at least two references from potential firms.  This will provide needed feedback to ensure the integrity and track record of search competency and diversity of their applicant pools.

In all cases involving the use of search firms, the department should take steps to ensure the quality and value of the services rendered.   In particular, it is the policy of the University of California, per Business & Finance Bulletin 43, that the use of any outside firm  in  which  fees  exceed  $50,000  requires  three  proposals  to  be  submitted  and considered before a decision can be made.  This policy allows for reasonable competition among outside vendors.

Hiring units should consult with Purchasing on the terms and conditions set forth in writing  by  the  Search  firm  to  ensure  conformance  with  university  policy  (proper insurance coverage, etc.).  There should also be consultation with Staff Human Resources Employment to ensure that terms and conditions of the contract do not unintentionally set up future obligations for other units on campus.

The hiring manager is expected to convey to the search firm(s) the University’s commitment to and interest in obtaining a diverse pool of candidates. Where there is underutilization and/or affirmative action goals, search processes, including search firms, should engage in targeted recruitment activities that are consistent with University policy and designed to ensure that qualified women and minorities are well represented in applicant pools for staff positions.

The hiring manager is expected to review the candidate pool to determine whether it is adequately diverse and, if not, she or he should consult with the search firm to consider extending the scope of the recruitment efforts to obtain additional diversity.

The hiring manger remains responsible for sending all resumes referred to them by the search firm to the central Employment office for standard processing and inclusion in the applicant pool.  Simultaneously, the hiring unit is expected to use other methods of outreach to source candidates such as campus flyers, campus bulletins, campus Employment web site, local newspapers, etc.   Ultimately the hiring manager/search committee will be responsible for completing selection documentation on the candidate chosen for hire and supplying reasons for non-selection on ALL other candidates who were referred or sourced through any method of outreach.

The following is a partial list of search firms who have assisted the University of California in their recruitment efforts.

Hall Kinion
Matt Herman
1350 41st Ave, ste 104
Capitola,  CA  95010
(831) 462-9800

Heidrick & Struggles – Los Angeles
2740 Sand Hill Rd
Menlo Park,  CA  94025
(415) 854-9300

Korn Ferry-San Francisco
1800 Century Park East, ste 900
Los Angeles,  CA  90067
(310) 843-4128

Paschal Murray
611 West G Street, ste s500
San Diego,  CA  92101-5956
(619) 702-8881

Norman Roberts & Associates, Inc.
1800 Century Park East, ste 430
Los Angeles,  CA  90067-1507
(310) 552-1112

James R Wray
851 Camelback Place
Pleasant Hill,  CA  94523
(925) 798-3390

For additional referrals contact Lori Castro, Employment Manager at 459-2960.

August 2001