Separation – Interlocation Transfer

I. Policy Summary

A permanent Interlocation Transfer occurs when an employee resigns from their employment at one UC location (campus, lab, or medical center) to accept employment at anther UC location without a break in service. Employees who voluntarily accept permanent employment at anther UC location are considered to have resigned their employment with UCSC. Requirements for the amount of notice required vary, depending upon personnel program.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References


III. Authority

The unit has the authority to process separation paperwork once the employee has submitted their letter of resignation and it is acknowledged by the supervisor in writing.

IV. Criteria


V. Process Overview

A permanent Interlocation Transfer takes place when an employee ends employment at one UC campus location (e.g., UCSC), and accepts employment at another UC campus location (e.g., UC Davis), without a break in service and with no intent for the employee to return to the original UC campus location. This process focuses on permanent transfers of employment within the UC system, without a break in service.

Although an interlocation transfer is not considered separation from UC employment, it does result in separation activities associated with the UCSC appointment.

  1. The Employee informs supervisor of intent to transfer employment to another UC campus, and submits resignation and final time record.

  2. The Supervisor acknowledges the resignation in writing, and notifies Staff Human Resources, and division/unit of the employee's intent to transfer employment.

  3. Staff HR Operations processes the appropriate transfer paperwork and coordinates with the central Payroll Office to ensure accurate pay and transfer of leave accrual balances.

  4. SHR Operations meets with the employee on their last day to obtain signatures on separation documents.

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Revised June 2008: A.27a