About the Staff & Faculty Computer Training Lab

Kerr 8 Lab - 8 Kerr Hall

The Staff and Faculty Kerr 8 Lab at Kerr Hall consists of 14 student computers and one instructor computer. The Lab uses 21" iMacs with a dual boot capability that allows users to log into Mac OSX or Windows 7 environments. The instructor computer is connected to an Epson data projector capable of 1024x768 screen resolutions. Software includes Microsoft Office 2013 (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio), FileMaker Pro 13, Adobe CS5 Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, Fireworks, DreamWeaver) and others.

To Reserve Lab Space

There are no fees for lab use for mandatory staff training. Mandatory training includes AIS, FIS, PPS, SIS, RMS, Data Warehouse, Vista/Budget System, and several Business Transformation Project trainings. Please view the current lab schedule before calling or emailing to request a reservation:

To View the Current Lab Schedule:

  1. Log into your GoogleMail account using your Blue password.

  2. Click the Calendar option on the black background of the Google toolbar near the top of the GoogleMail window.

  3. Click on the arrow to the right of 'Other Calendars' near the bottom left of your calendar window.

  4. Select 'Browse Interesting Calendars'.

  5. Click the 'More' option near the top left corner to the right of 'Holidays' and 'Sports' options. 

  6. Click the 'Resources for UCSC' link and scroll down to the Kerr Hall options. You can choose to Preview or Subscribe to the Kerr-8-PC-Lab calendars. 

  7. Once you see non-busy times available, email Elizabeth Hammond, eahammon@ucsc.edu, and request your times and dates you would like to use for training. Elizabeth will reserve the times on the requested calendar. 

If you are using the labs for the first time, please contact Elizabeth Hammond at 459-1269 or eahammon@ucsc.edu in order to obtain a 5-digit passcode that opens the lab and silences the alarm. You will need to set up a 15 minute appointment to get instructions for proper lab use.

Directions to Kerr Hall