Talent Readiness and Continuity (TRaC)

The Talent Readiness and Continuity (TRaC) initiative will help to recognize the talents and aspirations of our community, and prepare them for achieving their personal and professional goals.

TRaC will provide managers and supervisors with the tools to follow staff careers, and encourage internal movement and growth. It helps managers to identify skills and map possible career paths. It can potentially shorten the time to hire qualified professional staff, and will foster continuity and the retention of organizational knowledge across campus.

process includes: Initial Conversation, Talent Profile, Talent Review, Action Plans & Successtion

TRaC Checklist:

  • Name your organization’s “champion” as a point person.
  • Provide an overview of the process to your team.
  • Provide your team with Career Conversation templates, to aid them in thinking through their skills, and aspirations.
  • Hold Career Conversations to identify aspirations of employees who report to you.
  • Complete a talent profile of each of your eligible team members.
  • Hold a Talent Review Meeting with Managers and Supervisors in your Department to map the skills and identify the gaps of your successor candidates and complete snapshot document.
  • Meet with your employees to create action plans to mitigate gaps and increase succession viability, including stretch assignments, shadowing and professional development.
  • Report successes and movement.

TRaC Forms and Guides:

TRaC Resources: