Immigration Enforcement Action Response and Emergency Contact Notification

  1. Summary
    In accordance with Assembly Bill 21 Public postsecondary education: Access to Higher Education for Every Student, establishes University requirements for compliance with immigration enforcement actions, for notifying the AB-21 Point of Contact or Chancellor’s Designee, and for notifying the emergency contacts of its community members when there is reason to suspect that a student, faculty, or staff person has been taken into custody as a result of an immigration enforcement action. Where applicable, the University may also be responsible for union notification. This local implementing procedure sets forth Unit response actions and process for notifying the required emergency contacts when an immigration enforcement action is suspected.
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  3. Process Overview
    Immigration Enforcement Action Response
    • If any student, faculty, or staff person obtains information that a federal immigration agent or DHS agent has, or plans to enter campus to enforce an immigration action, or an employee is being detained by such an immigration enforcement officer who wishes to interrogate, search or seize the person or property of any employee on the University's premises, the Unit Head or Designee must immediately:
    • Emergency Contact Notification if Employee is Believed to Have Been Taken into Custody for Immigration Enforcement Action
    • Unit Head or Designee collects and maintains up to date Emergency Contact Log information for all staff, in alignment with business continuity processes
    • Once an immigration order has been verified and executed, if the Unit Head or Designee believes an employee has been taken into custody as a result of an immigration enforcement action, on or off UC property, through receipt of a warrant, etc, the Unit Head or Designee must:
      • Inform the AB-21 Point of Contact
      • Consult their ER Analyst/Academic Personnel Coordinator immediately
      • Contact the emergency contact via phone, and inform them of the suspected action as soon as possible
        • Provide the information contained in the Emergency Contact Script
        • Advise Employee/Emergency Contact of Leave of Absence Coordinator Contact Information to discuss leave of absence options
    • ER Analyst works with Unit Head or Designee to coordinate leave/personnel/timesheet actions and notification
    • ER Analyst notifies LR Analyst
    • In accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreement, LR Analyst notifies Union by telephone of suspected immigration action
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