Family and Medical Leave

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Family and Medical Leave is provided for an eligible employee’s serious health condition, the serious health condition of the employee’s child, spouse, domestic partner (same or opposite sex), or parent, or to care for the employee’s newborn, adopted, or foster care child. Leave granted to care for the employee’s newborn, adopted, or foster care child (Parental leave) must be initiated and concluded within the twelve (12) months following the child’s birth, adoption, or placement in foster care. Family and Medical Leave granted to an eligible employee shall not extend beyond a predetermined separation date.

An employee does not need to request the leave in writing nor specifically mention family and medical leave to be entitled to Family and Medical Leave. In addition, Family and Medical Leave designations must be made, and the employee advised within two (2) business days of the employee’s notice of need for leave.

  1. Employee completes Leave of Absence Request form for any leave of absence in excess of one workweek.

  2. The Supervisor signs and forwards the Leave of Absence Request form to the Leave of Absence Coordinator.

  3. The SHR Operations Specialist processes approved leave of absence request.

Revised August 2015