Personal Leave

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V. Process Overview: Personal Leave

An employee in a career position may be granted a personal leave of absence, but in granting the leave, the best interests of the University as well as the interests of the employee shall be considered. Personal leaves may be granted for reasons such as extended illness; need to provide care for members of the family; or education which will directly increase job effectiveness. In special situations, a personal leave for temporary employment outside the UCSC campus may be approved provided that the outside work is in the interest of public service and/or will be beneficial to the University upon the employee’s return.

  1. The Employee completes Leave of Absence Request form for any leave of absence in excess of one workweek.

    • If the leave of absence is for medical reasons, see Family Medical Leave for additional information and required forms.

  2. The Supervisor signs the Leave of Absence Request form approving or denying the request and forwards the original to the Leave of Absence Coordinator.

  3. The SHR Operations Specialist processes approved leave of absence request.

Revised August 2015