Limited to Career

I. Summary

A limited position is an appointment established at any percentage of time, fixed or variable, during which the appointee is expected to be on pay status for less than 1,000 hours in a 12-month period.

A limited appointment will be designated as career when the appointee has attained 1,000 hours in a 12 month period and will be effective the first of the month following attainment of 1,000 hours of qualifying service.

Limited positions that have been appointed through the Limited Non Recruitment process should be monitored by the Manager/Supervisor to ensure they do not convert to attain 1,000 hours and convert to career status.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)– employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement
    • PPSM 3 - Types of Appointment
    • PPSM 22- Probationary Period
  2. Union Agreements- employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
  3. Limited Non Recruitment Process

III. Authority

The unit head is delegated the authority to approve a limited to career action.

IV. Process Overview

Manager/Supervisor and ER Analyst: Consult to process a limited to career action.

ER Analyst: Determines and notifies the Manager/Supervisor of the impact to the employees terms and conditions of employment; Benefit eligibility, probationary period, salary increase eligibility, vacation and sick leave accruals.

ER Analyst: Completes the LIMI to Career DCD, sends an email to the Manager/Supervisor to inform them of the changes and to update the employee.

ER Analyst: Obtains written confirmation from the employee, via email or on the DCD acknowledging the changes to their employment.

ER Analyst: Provides DCD and/or Email to Benefits and SHR Operations for processing LIMI to Career Action.

SHR Operations: Enters information and updates time and attendance system.

Benefits: UCPath sends benefit packet and Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE) information to employee, if needed.

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