Off-Boarding Process for Staff Employees

UC Santa Cruz Staff Human Resources has completed a new off-boarding process designed to provide clear instructions to ensure accountability for resolution of outstanding items upon the separation staff employees. The off-boarding process includes the steps to complete prior to the separation an employee.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Complete, sign and submit the Supervisor Checklist for Off-Boarding Employees
  • Recover any university property in possession of the employee
  • Ensure business continuity and transition the exiting employee's areas of responsibilities
  • Close outstanding university accounts
  • Encourage feedback on the employment experience, as appropriate

Employee Responsibilities

  • Follow the instructions and sign the Off-Boarding Checklist
  • Return any university property
  • Maintain business continuity and transition the areas of responsibilities
  • Close any outstanding university accounts
  • Provide feedback on the employment experience, as appropriate

Staff Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Provide procedures for off-boarding, including communicating supervisor and employee responsibilities
  • Maintain information and instructions
  • Collect the completed checklist and file in the employee's personnel file
  • Collect and report exit interview information, as appropriate

What to do when an employee is leaving: Summary of Off-Boarding Process

  • Upon knowledge of separation, the supervisor reviews the Separation Procedures
  • The supervisor contacts Staff Human Resources Operations to trigger final paycheck and begin separation procedures
  • The supervisor reviews the off-boarding responsibilities for supervisors, employees, and Staff Human Resources, as described above
  • The supervisor ensures completion of all required off-boarding activities
  • The supervisor provides the completed checklist to SHR Operations
  • SHR places the completed checklist in the exiting employee's personnel file