Supervisor Onboarding Toolkit

Congratulations on the hire of your new employee. As a supervisor, you play an important role in guiding new employees through long and fulfilling careers at UC Santa Cruz. This toolkit will help you prepare for, welcome and engage your new employees through the dynamic process of “onboarding.” Onboarding begins at the time of hire and ideally continues through the first year of employment. It enables you to bring newly-hired employees up to speed with the policies, processes, culture, expectations, and day-to-day responsibilities of your department.

Research shows that providing a well-organized onboarding experience greatly increases employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. The tips, templates and resources in this toolkit will support your onboarding efforts and maximize the time until your new employees are successful contributors to your department and UC Santa Cruz.

Please use the UCSC Onboarding Checklist in conjunction with this toolkit. Click on the checklist link to download an editable pdf copy. A department-specific checklist template is also available that helps capture additional onboarding action items that are unique to that unit.


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