Health Care Facilitator Program

 Helping You Make Full Use of Your Medical Benefits

What is it? 

The Health Care Facilitator Program is a confidential service designed to help you understand and obtain the full benefits and services available from your UC sponsored health plans.

Who is it for? 

The Health Care Facilitator Program serves active and retired staff and faculty (and any enrolled family members), eligible surviving spouses and beneficiaries, and other UC annuitants.


How Does it Work?

The Health Care Facilitator Program empowers health plan members by providing the latest information on your health plan coverage and patient rights, including appeal processes.

The Health Care Facilitator Program enables members by providing:

  • Information to help members understand their UC medical plan coverage.
  • Education on the use of plan benefits and how they coordinate with Medicare (where applicable).

The Health Care Facilitator Program assists members by:

  • Intervening to help resolve problems of coverage, access, and administration.
  • Referring problems concerning contract interpretation and coverage disputes to the Office of the President as necessary.

Lastly, the Health Care Facilitator helps prepare for the future needs of members by collecting data that can be used by the Office of the President to improve medical plan coverage, processes, and communication.


When Should I Call?

If you need help resolving an issue with your health plan coverage, call the Health Care Facilitator Program for guidance, intervention and help with resolving the problem. Here are a few things you can do to resolve a simple problem:

  • Contact your doctor’s office. Your most important relationship is the one you have with your doctor or other health professionals.
  • If you are in an HMO, contact your medical group. Most medical groups have a patient assistance department that can help you find a doctor, work out billing problems, and/or obtain referrals.
  • Call your medical plan. Your medical plan has a customer service representative who can explain the plan’s policies and procedures. [Contact Information]

Many problems can be resolved by taking these simple steps, but remember if you still need help, call the Health Care Facilitator program.

Marianne McIvor
Health Care Facilitator