Getting Medical Care with Your UC Plan

  • Learn about your options by viewing Benefits Orientation on-demand and in regularly scheduled presentations
  • Your home address determines medical plans available to you:
    • Medical plans and dental plans available for enrollment are determined by your home address listed in your Personal Information Summary recorded in UC Path
    • UC employees are responsible for regularly reviewing contact information and making timely updates
    • Home address updates will be automatically shared with your UC health and retirement plans
    • UC employees that reside in CA can choose from two HMO medical plans or three PPO medical plans
    • UC employees that reside outside of CA can choose from three PPO medical plans
      • If you move within or out of CA, connect with the Benefits team to learn about impacts of your move on your health plans

UC HMO medical plan offerings:

  • HMO plans are not available in all counties; rural CA counties may not have HMO option
  • UC Santa Cruz employees that reside in Monterey or San Benito county may enroll in HMO plans under the Live/Work Rule; if enrolled under Live/Work Rule be advised that HMO medical services for all covered family members shall be received in Santa Cruz county

UC Blue & Gold HMO (carried by Health Net)

  • UC Blue & Gold HMO is carried for UC by Health Net
  • UC Santa Cruz faculty & staff enrolled in UC Blue & Gold are covered under Canopy Health network
  • Concierge Help line at Dignity Health-Santa Cruz for UC Santa Cruz members: (831) 430-7127
  • WATCH: Dignity Health for UC Santa Cruz video presentation
  • Need to connect with care? Canopy Health Ambassador Program
  • Dignity Health Medical Group-Brent Wentworth, MD- Soquel Clinic
  • Dignity Health Medical Group-Praseeda Moleyar Navayana, MD- Scotts Valley Clinic
  • Dignity Health Medical Group-Yingwei Qi, MD- Santa Cruz
  • Dignity Health Medical Group-Patrick Cudahy, MD- West side Santa Cruz
  • Dignity Health Medical Group-Daniel Temple, MD- Capitola

Kaiser Permanente HMO

Kaiser Permanente - Salud en español

UC PPO medical plan offerings:

UC PPO plan "Find a Provider" directory for in-network providers for all plans listed below

UC Care (carried for UC by Anthem Blue Cross)

  • PPO plan w/ 3-Tiers of coverage: UC Select (UC Medical Centers, PAMF-Santa Cruz & Dignity-Santa Cruz), Anthem Preferred (nationwide network) and out-of-network coverage available; your cost for care is based on which Tier your provider accepts

UC Health Savings Plan with HSA (carried for UC by Anthem Blue Cross)

  • High-deductible, low-premium PPO plan with tax-saving Health Savings Account partially funded by UC; 2-Tiers of coverage: Anthem Preferred (nationwide network) and out-of-network coverage available; tax-saving HSA has debit card and investment options

Core-catastrophic coverage PPO (carried for UC by Anthem Blue Cross)

Behavioral Health coverage