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EAP Program Statement

  1. The University of California, Santa Cruz recognizes that problems of a personal nature may interfere with a faculty or staff member's well-being and ability to perform his or her job. The Employee Assistance Program is established to help deal with these problems.

  2. Services are available under the Employee Assistance Program to help identify, counsel and refer troubled employees to professional resources. Up to (3) Assessment and Referral sessions per Participant per problem per 6 months with our EAP provider are available at no charge. The program is designed to deal with a broad range of human relations problems, such as alcohol or drug abuse, financial problems, emotional or behavioral disorders, family and marital discord, legal and other personal problems.

  3. The program is available to all faculty and staff employees of UCSC, and their family members, including those who are on temporary layoff, furlough, leave of absence, and sabbatical. Employees who have been indefinitely laid off may continue to use the Employee Assistance Program for 6 months following the layoff date.

  4. All supervisors and managers are urged to cooperate with this program and to encourage employees who may have a problem to take advantage of available services. Supervisors do not make any diagnostic assessment regarding an employee's health or behavioral problems which may affect job performance. Where appropriate, such individuals may be referred to an Employee Assistance Program counselor for assistance.

  5. Employees who have or suspect that they have an alcohol, chemical dependency, health or other personal problem and desire help to resolve it are encouraged to seek confidential assistance by voluntarily contacting an Employee Assistance Program counselor.

  6. Employee contact with and participation in this program is voluntary and will be kept strictly confidential. Information regarding an employee's utilization of program services can only be released with prior written consent of the employee.

  7. For employees referred by their supervisor or for self-referred individuals who notify their supervisor, time spent in consultation with the Employee Assistance Program and time traveling to and from the Employee Assistance Program counselor's office shall be counted as time worked, provided the appointment takes place during the employee's normal working hours.

  8. Employees who wish to maintain complete confidentiality regarding their participation in the program may, at their discretion, use sick leave, vacation, or compensatory time or leave without pay to consult with an Employee Assistance Program counselor. All departmental, University and or contractual policies and/or procedures governing the use of such leave shall be in effect.

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