After the Layoff

Managers and Supervisors must support staff through their reactions after undergoing a reduction in workforce, and re-engage staff with changes in workloads and responsibilities and operations.

  1. Communicating with Staff
    1. Communicating With Remaining Staff Impacted By the Layoff(s)
      1. Preparing for Employee Reactions
      2. Sample Script
    2. Tools and Helpful Resources:
      1. UC Berkeley Guide to People Management During COVID 19
      2. Gartner: Supporting Mental Well-Being Requires an Understanding of the Different Ways Employees are Experiencing COVID-19
      3. Gartner: Lead Your Employees Through the Emotional Side of COVID-19
      4. Gartner: 6 Ways to Support On-Site Employees
      5. Gartner: Tool: Manager Guide to Conflict Resolution
      6. Performance Challenges: Gartner: Manager Tool for Conducting a Root Cause Analysis
  2. Rebuilding 
    1. Staff Engagement
      1. Manager Roles and Responsibilities
      2. Change Management
      3. Clarifying Expectations for New Roles, Processes
        1. Assess training, equipment, procedure streamlining needed for new roles 
        2. Gartner: 9 Questions to Measure Employee Engagement During Disruptions
    2. Realigning Work
    3. Tools and Helpful Resources
      1. Harvard Business Review Article-How to Manage Coronavirus Layoffs with Compassion