Layoff Resources

Avoiding, Implementing, and Surviving Staff Layoffs: Information for Employees and Departments

Transfer or Reassignment
In lieu of indefinite layoff or indefinite reduction in time

In an effort to minimize the effects of indefinite layoff or indefinite reductions in time to UC Santa Cruz career staff employees and to remain in compliance with Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) and PPSM 60, Section III, Layoffs and Reductions in Time, managers/supervisors must first consider transfer or reassignment opportunities for their affected employees.

This process only applies to career staff members covered by Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM 60) and for Represented career staff where it is explicitly referenced in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and while the contract is in effect (DX,EX,HX,K7,NX,SX, RX,TX).

Please contact your ER Analyst for more information regarding this process.

UC Santa Cruz is committed to creating and preserving a healthy and supportive environment for each employee through workplace challenges, including reductions in force. It is the policy of the University to minimize layoffs required by budget reductions and to consider staffing reductions only after other creative solutions have been considered.

In the event layoff cannot be avoided, Staff Human Resources is available to support Employees and Departments to navigate the processes and transitions. For more information on:

Layoff Support Resources and Information for Employees

Layoff Support Resources and Information for Managers and Supervisors

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your Employee Relations Analyst.