Layoff Resources For Employees

So you’ve just been informed that a layoff date is in your future. Now what? Breathe. Then...

Follow these tangible steps to help you take in the information, take care of yourself, and take the uncertainty out of the layoff process at UC Santa Cruz.

Step 1:  Review this guide and/or reach out to your Employee Relations (ER) Analyst or your Union to understand your rights and responsibilities. You’ll receive consultation on the important options ahead of you as outlined here:  

Please see applicable Contract and Layoff Article

Step 2:  Review and take advantage of the information and support resources available to help understand and navigate this challenging transition:

  1. Understanding Your Layoff Options   
    1. Tools and Helpful Resources:
      1. Layoff Options Break Down by Contract/PPSM   
  2. Benefits Information
    1. If you have been temporarily laid off
    2. If you have been permanently laid off
    3. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    4. Health and Welfare Benefits-Indefinite Layoff
      1. Benefits Checklist
      2. Medical
      3. Continuation of Health Coverage (COBRA)
      4. Basic Life
      5. Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Supplemental Life, Basic Dependent Life and Expanded Dependent Life
    5. Retirement Following Layoff
    6. Tools and Helpful Resources:
        1. Termination of Employment Benefits Factsheet.
          1. Contains key deadlines, benefits continuation processes, retirement considerations, etc.
        2. ARAG Legal Plan
        3. COBRA
        4. Wageworks (formerly CONEXIS) website
        5. Covered California
        6. DepCare FSA Summary Plan DescriptionPDF
        7. Health FSA Summary Plan DescriptionPDF
  3. Job Search Assistance Resources
    1. Campus Resources
    2. Community Resources
  4. FAQs

Step 3:  Take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides support resources for:

  • free and confidential counseling sessions from licensed professionals for you and eligible household members
    • Temporary COVID-19 Expansion allows up to 6 sessions for free 
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • Legal and/or financial hardships, 
  • emotional or behavioral concerns, 
  • family and marital discord, 
  • other personal life challenges.