Employee Toolkit

Resources for New and Current Employees 

Staff Human Resources

General Information: (831) 459-2009
Benefits Office: (831) 459-2013
Labor Relations: (831) 459-2017
Staff HR Contact List
Locate your Staff HR Team (Timekeeper/Employee Relations/LOA Coordinator)
Collective Bargaining Agreements

One of our goals in Staff Human Resources is to create a meaningful onboarding experience that will make a lasting impact on employees in order to boost engagement and improve long-term retention. Below you will find many resources to help you acclimate during your first few days, weeks and months as an employee at UC Santa Cruz.

The information that follows will help guide you on who to contact for assistance in the following areas:

Your Supervisor
Your supervisor is your primary resource in welcoming you to your department, the campus and the university. Your Supervisor will:

  • Introduce you to department staff and provide a workplace tour
  • Inform you of department work rules, including hours of work, reporting absences and use of the telephone system, supplies and equipment
  • Provide training in the performance of your job duties
  • Assist you with job-related problems and questions 

They will provide you with specific information about:

  • Your job description and performance standards
  • Your probationary period and dates of evaluations
  • The dates of merit reviews and/or salary increases 
  • Pay dates and pay practices, such as the earning of overtime
  • The personnel program or labor agreement under which you are covered
  • Vacation, sick and holiday accrual, uses and eligibilities
  • The location of your personnel records    

Staff Human Resources Office (SHR)
The Staff Human Resources office provides consultation services to managers, supervisors and staff employees. For assistance with:

  • Employee Relations
  • Personnel Policy Interpretation
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Labor Agreements
  • Complaint Resolution Procedures

Contact your Employee & Labor Relations Analyst 

Staff HR Forms
A Library of Staff HR forms related to personnel file access requests, service credit verification requests and many more.

Employment Verification
Employment verification requests are handled by Accounting Services - they can be reached at: (831) 459-4522. Refer to the Financial Affairs Records Request Guide for detailed procedures on how to submit an Employment Verification request in writing. Employees may also print an Employment Verification request by signing into your At Your Service Online account.

Labor Agreements and Policy-Covered Employees
For a list of union contacts for UC Santa Cruz Collective Bargaining Units, please visit https://shr.ucsc.edu/elr/union_contacts.html

For Personnel Policy for Staff Members  (Policy covered employees), please visit https://policy.ucop.edu/manuals/personnel-policies-for-staff-members.html 

Required Information

Below are some forms and policies that we are required to provide to you as a new staff employee at the university. Please be sure to review these policies at your leisure.

UC Santa Cruz Administrative Policy
Required Labor Law Notices
Substance Abuse Policy
Workers’ Compensation 
W-4: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
Title IX - Sexual Violence/Sexual Harrassment

Getting Started at UC Santa Cruz

Employee ID#
Your employee ID# is available four to five days after your hire date. This ID# is populated once your new hire information is populated in our payroll database. If you do not receive this information within four days after your start date, please click on the link above to contact your timekeeper.

Staff ID Cards
Your Staff ID Card identifies you as a UC Santa Cruz staff member. Keep it with you when on campus or conducting university business off campus. Once you receive your Employee ID#, add this information to your ID card. Your Staff ID Card allows you use of the McHenry & Science Libraries.  

Your CruzID is the key to many technology systems at UC Santa Cruz, including your official campus email address, multi-factor authentication and password recovery. Prior to starting your first day, you should have received an email to activate your CruzID and set up your Blue and Gold passwords. If you need help activating your CruzID, contact the ITS Support Center at (831) 459-HELP or help@ucsc.edu.

You will use the CruzPay web portal to record your time worked and access historical payroll records. You will need your Gold password to access this system at the link above.

At Your Service Online:

  • Manage your Income Tax Withholdings
  • Enroll in benefits
  • Enroll in direct deposit
  • Update your personal contact information
  • View/update retirement plan information

At Your Service Online (AYSO) is the UC system-wide employee self-service site which allows you to change contact and beneficiary information, review your current enrollments, see estimates of your UC retirement plan benefits at various ages, set up direct deposit, manage your taxation, and locate employment information.

AYSO will not recognize you until after your payroll record is created. If after five to seven days of your hire date you receive a message that your records do not appear in the system, contact UC Santa Cruz Benefits department at (831) 459-2013.

Campus Directory
Getting your information into the UC Santa Cruz campus directory takes action on your part. The campus directory contains online listings for UC Santa Cruz faculty, staff, and students. Contact information includes name, email address, telephone number, department, title, office location, and mail stop.

Campus A-Z index

IT Services and Support
The ITS Support Center is your single point of contact for all issues, problems or questions related to technology services and computing at UC Santa Cruz.

Learning & Development
The UC Learning Center is UC Santa Cruz's principal learning management system for delivering and tracking training related to employment, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), and laboratory safety. It can also provide campus departments with business solutions for providing, managing, and tracking required courses for their personnel.

Your UC Learning Center (UCLC) account is automatically created, typically five to seven business days after your first official day of employment. 

Transportation And Parking Services 

Campus Culture 

UC Santa Cruz Principles of Community
UC Santa Cruz is committed to promoting and protecting an environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of civility, honesty, cooperation, professionalism and fairness. UC Santa Cruz expects that every campus member will practice these Principles of Community.

Recreation and Wellness
UC Santa Cruz Staff are eligible to purchase a discounted Facility Usage Membership which provides access to the recreation facilities at the East and West Field Houses. These facilities include fitness centers, tennis courts, basketball courts, racquetball courts, locker rooms with showers and the 50-meter swimming pool. Various fitness, recreation and sports programs are offered within Athletics & Recreation (ATH-REC) facilities and can be participated in for additional fees.

Also, please read about our FitLife Program to learn more about group exercise offerings, personal fitness training and wellness events on campus.

UC Santa Cruz Faculty & Staff Housing Program

Community Rentals Office

Benefits of Belonging and Services

Campus Conflict Resolution Services (CCRS)
CCRS provides professional consultation, mediation and training to members of the UC Santa Cruz community with an emphasis on prevention, effective management, and informal resolution of conflict at all levels. All services are free, voluntary and confidential.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP program offers employees confidential, no-cost assistance with a variety of personal or workplace concerns. This benefit is confidential.

Family Support Resources
Bright Horizons is a family support resource that can assist in helping you find full-time child care, sitters, nannies, elder care support, housekeepers, pet care as well as tutoring and test prep help. With the Bright Horizons membership you can access resources and webinars on work, life, family and education topics. UC pays the membership fee and you pay all costs of care. 

Summer Session for Staff
UC Santa Cruz staff and faculty get a 50% discount to encourage staff to pursue professional and personal development. Online and evening classes are available.

Campus Policies & Support Offices (listed alphabetically)

ADA Compliance/Staff Employees
UC Santa Cruz has a strong commitment to providing reasonable accommodations for our employees with disabilities.

  • Employment disability accommodations: (831) 459-4602
  • Facilities, transportation and computing access: (831) 459-3759
  • Disability related discrimination complaints: (831) 459-3676

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
UC Santa Cruz is committed to achieving excellence in health, safety and environmental performance. EH&S policies and programs ensure UC Santa Cruz complies with all applicable, health, safety and environmental laws, regulations, and requirements. 

Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Program
The Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion works to ensure that UC Santa Cruz is compliant with nondiscrimination, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies and laws for staff and faculty. For employment related discrimination concerns or complaints, please contact: (831) 459-3676.  

Ergonomic Safety
We offer resources to enable every employee to be an active participant in preventing injuries to themselves and others.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Cal-OSHA requires employers to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in place. UC Santa Cruz has implemented a broad-based series of departmental-level IIPP programs to ensure a safe and healthful work environment for its employees and your supervisor will discuss your department IIPP with you.

IT Security Awareness Resources
Information Technology (IT) touches every aspect of education, research and business at UC Santa Cruz. IT helps to protect personal and confidential information, and generally supports people in their jobs and education.

Political Reform Act
The Political Reform Act requires public officials (university employees) to disqualify themselves from participating in decisions in which they have a financial interest.  As a member of the university, you, therefore, must be aware of what is meant by making or participating in making a university decision, what constitutes a conflict of interest, how to disqualify yourself and what could happen if you do not disqualify.

Sexual Violance/Sexual Harassment (SVSH)
The Title IX Office is committed to fostering a campus climate in which members of our community are protected from all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender-based harassment and discrimination.   Title IX is a neutral office committed to safety, fairness, trauma-informed practices, and due process. 

Service and Support Animals
UC Santa Cruz has a "no pet" policy. Exceptions are made for service and support animals and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. 

Smoking Policy
Effective January 1, 2014, the UC Santa Cruz joins more than 1,159 colleges and universities nationwide by implementing a campus-wide smoke and  tobacco-free policy.

Staff Advisors to the Regents
The Staff Advisors are UC employees serving to share information between staff and UC leadership. They attend UC Regents meetings to help UC leaders understand staff views and concerns regarding workplace issues and policy decisions. Staff Advisors listen to staff via campus visits, newsletters and website and bring your input to the regents and important information back to you. 

The Staff Advisors website and newsletter give UC staff a very easy way to participate. Your comments are submitted directly to the Staff Advisors and not to the Regents or a third party. 

Student Judicial Affairs Hate/Bias
The University of California, Santa Cruz is committed to maintaining an objective, civil, diverse and supportive community, free of coercion, bias, hate, intimidation, dehumanization or exploitation. 

Sustainability Office
The Sustainability Office fosters a culture of sustainability at UC Santa Cruz by actively engaging students, staff, faculty and community members through education, leadership development, institutional change and behavioral transformation. Learn more about the Campus Sustainability Plan and our goal of being a Zero Waste Campus by 2020. 

Violence in the Workplace Handbook
The campus and its employees are committed to working together to create and maintain a workplace that is as free as possible from threatening and violent behaviors. This handbook is intended as a guide for employees, supervisors, and managers for recognizing and responding to workplace violence.

Whistleblower Assistance and Reporting
Employees can report any activity by UC or a UC employee that violates a state or federal law or regulation, wastes money or involves gross misconduct, gross incompetence, or gross inefficiency. Employees are protected against retaliation under this policy.