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The UC Learning Center is UC Santa Cruz's principal learning management system for delivering and tracking training related to employment, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), and laboratory safety. It can also provide campus departments with a business solution for managing and tracking required courses for their personnel.

Faculty, staff, and student employees are automatically assigned a UC Learning Center account. To test if your account is already active, click the User Login button below.



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Students and Affiliate Accounts

  • If you have current or pending employment with UC Santa Cruz, you are not permitted to request a Student/Affiliate account.
  • If you have no current or pending employment with UC Santa Cruz, you may request a Student/Affiliate account by filling out this request form.
  • If you need help filling out the request form, you may view these illustrated instructions.

Disable Pop-up Blocker

While using the UC Learning Center, please disable your browser's pop-up blockers or add uc.sumtotalsystems.com to the list of allowed sites in your pop-up blocker settings.

If you need help with configuring your browser, email help@ucsc.edu.

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