How to Access LinkedIn Learning at UC Santa Cruz

You can navigate to LinkedIn Learning by accessing the landing page, utilize a link sent via email or by clicking the LinkedIn Learning icon on your pre-existing LinkedIn profile (on the top right).

If you do not have a LinkedIn account, or would prefer to have a separate one for your email, click the join now link on the bottom of the login page:

Sign in using the same email address you use for or your organization email.

When accessing LinkedIn Learning for the first time, you’ll see this page:

Continue to UCSC Learning Account.


 Click the “continue” banner and you’ll be redirected to UCSC’s Single Sign On login page:

Enter CruzID & Gold Password

 Once you pass through SSO, you’ll be directed here:

Access granted, now continue with or without connecting your personal LinkedIn account.

Connecting your LinkedIn Learning account with your pre-existing account has it’s benefits, for more information click on “Learn more” when faced with the choice.

Personalize profile for suggestions.

After clicking “Sounds Good” you’ll be walked through a guide to help display appropriate content to you, by letting LiL know what your interests are. Choose as many as you’d like and click continue:

Select interests.


At this point you will be asked to choose a weekly goal or skip that portion.


Then, hooray, you’re all set:

Start learning button.