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Staff Directory - Employee & Labor Relations

Fax: 831-401-2322 - Mailstop: Employee & Labor Relations
Location: 100 Enterprise Way, Suite E100
Note: All contact numbers are in area code: (831)
Jennifer Schiffner ELR Director 459-1930 jschiffn@ucsc.edu
Corinne Lopez-Allen Labor Relations Analyst 459-2143 calopeza@ucsc.edu
Michael Gonzalez Labor Relations Analyst 459-1871 mgonz179@ucsc.edu
Heather Dawson Labor Relations Analyst 459-1060 heatherd@ucsc.edu
Sabrina Shaver Employee Relations Assistant Manager 459-1853 sashaver@ucsc.edu
Diana Ferreira Employee Relations Analyst 459-5425 dferreir@ucsc.edu
Cristy Sorenson Employee Relations Analyst 459-3593 cristym@ucsc.edu
Ian Charnley Employee Relations Analyst 459-1875 icharnle@ucsc.edu
Barbara Bullard Leave Coordinator 459-5463 bbullard@ucsc.edu
Michael Pisano Leave Assistant 459-1867 mpisano@ucsc.edu
Shelby Young Employee Relations Assistant Manager 459-2223 syoung@ucsc.edu
Janice Lizaso Employee Relations & Policy Analyst 459-1392 jlizaso@ucsc.edu
Teresa Roffe Employee Relations Analyst 459-1865 roffe@ucsc.edu
Rhonda Rhodes Employee Relations Analyst 459-3469 rhonda@ucsc.edu
Jennifer May ELR Administrative Specialist / Unemployment Insurance Coordinator 459-1873 jemay@ucsc.edu
Adriana Doyle ELR Student Assistant - amdoyle@ucsc.edu 

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