Union Contacts for UCSC Collective Bargaining Units

AFSCME Local 3299
Patient Care Technical (EX) [more]  - Service Unit (SX) [more]  - Skilled Crafts (K7) [more]
Rebecca Gilpas, Organizer
501 Mission St, Ste 4, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
831-425-4822, Fax: 831-316-0049
Libertad Ayala, Lead Organizer
2201 Broadway, Ste 315, Oakland, CA 94612
510-486-0100, Fax: 510-844-1170
CNA - Registered Nurses (NX) [more]
Julie Tran, California Nurses Association (CNA) Labor Representative
510-715-6924, JTran@calnurses.org
Marcia Wilson, RN
CNA Regional Student Health Center Nurse Representative
Teamsters Local 2010 - Chapter 10 - Clerical and Allied Trades Employees (CX) [more]
Rocio Richards, Union Representative
916-532-0915, rrichards@teamsters2010.org
Teamsters Local 2010
400 Roland Wy, Ste 2010, Oakland, CA 94621
510-845-2221, Fax: 510-845-7444
FUPOA - Police Officers (PA) [more]
Frank Sanchez
UC Santa Cruz Police Department
ph: 831-459-3728
SCFA - Santa Cruz Faculty (A7) - [more]
Deborah Gould, Co-Chair, Santa Cruz Faculty Association
Deborah Rosenberg, Field Assistant
1270 Farragut Circle, Davis, CA 95618
888-826-3623, notices@cucfa.org
UAW Local 5810 - Postdoctoral Scholars (PX) and Academic Researchers (RA) [more]

UAW Local 5810-Statewide Office
Attn: Anke Schennick, President of UAW Local 5810
2030 Addison St., Ste 640B, Berkeley, CA 94704
510-845-5726, Fax: 510-845-5863
president@uaw5810.org, Cc: uaw5810@uaw5810.org

David Weitz, Local Representative for the ARU

Audrie Francis, Field Representative for UAW 5810 at UCSC

UAW Local 2865 - Academic Student Employees (BX) [more]
Jack Davies, Unit Chair, jawdavie@ucsc.edu 

UAW Local 2865 Systemwide
2730 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
510-549-3863, Fax: 510-549-2514
UC-AFT Local 2199 - Non-Senate Instructional Appointees (Lecturers) (IX) [more]
Jeb Purucker, Field Representative
609-558-7470, jpurucker@ucaft.org

UC-AFT Systemwide President: Mia McIver

Librarians (LX) [more] UC-CFT
Ken Lyons, Librarian Steward
c/o UCSC McHenry Library
1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
831-427-3302, klyons@ucaft.org
Karen Sawislak, Executive Director
1201 Marine Village Pkwy, Ste 115, Alameda, CA 94501
UPTE-CWA Local 9119
Residual Health Care Professionals (HX) [more]
Research Support Professionals (RX) [more]
Technical Employees (TX) [more]
Susan Arnold: sukiscorpio@gmail.com
Paul Sosbee: soz@mac.com
Jeff Calhoun: jeffmcalhoun@gmail.com
Amber Burke: amberburkesantacruz@gmail.com
UPTE Systemwide Office
2855 Telegraph Ave, Ste 310, Berkeley, CA 94705
P.O. Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94704
510-704-8783, Fax: 510-704-8065, info@upte-cwa.org
Tim Jenkins, Senior Representative
Union of American Physicians and Dentists
(800) 622-0909
(510) 839-0193
(510) 763-8756 (fax)
Oakland Headquarters
180 Grand Ave, Suite 1380
Oakland, CA 94612

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