Labor Relations-Union Liaisons

Contract Administration

Michael Gonzalez
Senior Labor Relations Analyst

EX-Patient Care Technical Employees (AFSCME)
K7-Skilled Crafts (AFSCME)
SX-Service Employees (AFSCME)

Contract Administration

Corinne Lopez-Allen
Senior Labor Relations Analyst


CX-Clerical Employees (Teamsters)
DX-Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD)
HX-Health Care Professionals (UPTE-CWA)
NX-Registered Nurses (CNA)
PA-Police (FUPOA)
RX-Research Associates (UPTE)
TX-Technical Employees (UPTE)

Contract Administration

Heather Dawson
Labor Relations Analyst 


BX-Academic Student Employees (UAW)
IX-Non-Senate Instructional Lecturers (AFT)
LX-Professional Librarians (AFT)
PX-Postdoctoral Scholars (UAW)

Contract Administration

Jennifer Schiffner
Employee and Labor Relations Manager 

A7-Santa Cruz Faculty Association (SCFA)

Revised July 10, 2017