Labor Relations-Union Liaisons

Contract Assignments

  • Barbara Greening: Santa Cruz Faculty Association (A7); PX (the postdocs), AFSCME Service (SX) for custodial services and dining, skilled trades (K7), and academic student employees (BX);
  • Heather Dawson:  AFSCME Service (SX) for housing, facilities, community safety officers, UNEX, and Engineering; lecturers (IX), librarians (LX), and academic researchers (RA);
  • Corinne Lopez-Allen: AFSCME Service (SX) for transportation and parking services, conference services, child care, fleet services, bookstore, copy, mail & receiving and grounds; clerical
    workers (CX), police (PA), patient care technical workers (EX), research support professionals (RX), technical employees (TX), healthcare professionals (HX), nurses (NX), and physicians (DX).

Revised May 4th, 2020