Additional Employment

I. Policy Summary

Additional employment occurs when an active part-time employee accepts another position on campus via recruitment, non-recruitment or waiver and retains their current position.

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement:

    • PPSM 12-Nondiscrimination in Employment

    • PPSM 14-Affirmative Action

    • PPSM 20-Recruitment

    • PPSM 21-Appointment

    • PPSM 30-Salary

  2. Contract Articles - employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement

  3. Fair Hiring Guide

III. Authority

The Unit Head is delegated the authority to recruit, select and hire limited and career employees for which funding exists.

The employment of near relatives within the same unit requires the approval of the AVC of Staff Human Resources. Refer to the Employment of Near Relatives - Employment Actions procedure.

IV. Criteria

Additional employment should not result in the employee working more than 100 percent time. If the additional employment results in the employee working more than 100 percent time, refer to the Dual Employment procedure.

Additional employment may result in a limited employee becoming career and eligible for UCRP membership and career benefits if they attain 1,000 hours of qualifying service in any 12 consecutive months without a break in service of at least 120 consecutive days. A limited position not filled through recruitment may not be designated career.

V. Process Overview

  1. The Recruitment Specialist reviews job offer details for compliance with federal & state regulations, university policy and/or applicable collective bargaining agreements. See Dual Employment if the additional employment will result in the employee working more than 100 percent time.

  2. If an issue needs to be resolved, the Recruitment Specialist returns the job offer to the Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst for resolution.

  3. The Recruitment Specialist proceeds with the job offer:

VI. Forms/Resources

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