Recruiting and Hiring Resources

The newest tool in the recruiting and hiring processes at UC Santa Cruz is the Talent Acquisition Management system (TAM), which is an application within UCPath. TAM is used to facilitate the recruiting and hiring of staff positions. To search and apply for staff jobs, the general public will use the External Candidate Gateway in TAM. UC Santa Cruz employees will use the Internal Candidate Gateway, which is located within UCPath. Both TAM Candidate Gateways may be accessed by visiting

In this section, we’ve provided detailed information about our current recruiting tools and processes, as well as links to recruitment related information.

It is the Hiring Managers (HM) responsibility to ensure all Search Committee members have reviewed our Fair Hiring Guidelines. HM's, CHM's and Search Committee Chairs must complete the Fair Hiring training before conducting a recruitment and must renew their training every three years.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to requesting a recruitment with Talent Acquisition, you will need to have a position #. If there is not a current vacant position for your recruitment headcount, you will need to submit a Position Control Request Form. The classification and reclassification of positions are managed by the Compensation Team within the Staff Human Resources Department.

Once you have a position #, you can move forward with requesting a recruitment with the Talent Acquisition Team.

Talent Acquisition OFFICE HOURS - Thursdays @ 11:00 - 12:00 pm
Drop-in hours are available to ask questions related to your Recruitment Document Suite
You can find the ZOOM link in the RDS instructions - a link to the instructions is available in all of the RDS forms for active recruitments. 

Recruiting Process

      • Requesting a Recruitment
      • Routing & Requesting Applications
      • Applicant Screening
      • Job Offers
      • Applicant Statusing & Communications 
      • Recruitment Document Suite / Records

Recruiting Roles

      • Talent Acquisition
      • Hiring Manager
      • Recruitment Approver
      • Search Committee Members

Recruitment Related Resources