Pre Planning Review

Alternatives to Layoff

  • Consider all cost saving measures before contemplating layoffs. Eg.:
    • Can the employee be reassigned?
    • Can you eliminate limited, contract, or per diem staff to meet your objectives?
    • Can employees be furloughed (partial layoff/reduction in time action)?
    • Offering the affected employee another vacant career position at the same or lower classification and same or lower appointment percentage in the bargaining unit, if any, at the same campus/medical center or Laboratory provided the affected employee is qualified to fill the vacancy.
    • Provided the University has determined the affected bargaining unit employee could learn the requisite skills required to be qualified in subsection b. above within three (3) months, the University shall consider offering such a position to the affected employee as an alternative to layoff. 

Initial Steps and Considerations

  • Consult with Employee & Labor Relations as soon as your department has decided to reduce staff
  • Identify your layoff unit
  • Determine which positions/classifications will be impacted by layoffs
  • Consider holding general information sessions to inform employees that layoffs may be necessary
    • Here is an opportunity to ask employees to think about cost-cutting measures and ideas
  • Determine which collective bargaining agreement/personnel policy governs the affected classifications
  • Verify whether layoffs will be based on seniority or special skills (or performance for PPSM-covered employees)
  • Ensure you have allowed sufficient time for union notice and notice to the employee, and that you have reviewed the applicable policy or collective bargaining agreement
  • Consider voluntary layoffs; check CBA
  • Develop a communication plan on how and when to communicate to management and staff about impending layoffs
  • Encourage an open-door policy for employees to share their concerns and feelings about the reduction of staff within the department
  • Create and submit your Layoff Proposal to Employee & Labor Relations for final review
  • Prepare a layoff letter for each employee who will be laid off
  • Schedule individual meetings with each employee to be laid off
  • Inform the employee about campus resources
  • Meet with the rest of the staff after the layoff action to address issues such as workload and redefinition of roles, while protecting the confidentiality of laid-off employees