Employee Resources for New Appointments

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz, or for those of you that are returning staff, welcome back! The Staff Human Resources team is excited to support you as you begin your journey as a new, returning, or continuing staff member at UC Santa Cruz. The information below provides an overview of what new and returning employees can expect throughout the hiring and onboarding process. There is also some helpful information for current employees that are moving into a new role without a break in service. Please check in with the Talent Acquisition team for additional information or assistance.

New hires, returning staff members and Interlocation Transfers will be enrolled in an onboarding session with Talent Acquisition. The onboarding is generally attended on the employee's hire date, but under certain circumstances, the employee can request to attend an earlier onboarding session - employees should mention this request when establishing your hire date during the formal offer call.

The onboarding paperwork for newly hired and returning UC Santa Cruz staff is coordinated by Talent Acquisition. We are committed to ensuring all new and returning staff are onboarded in a timely fashion and will:

  • send a welcome email and arrange for new employment paperwork via DocuSign
  • coordinate the work authorization verification process via Tracker I-9
  • conduct an onboarding session to share valuable tools and information

To learn more about onboarding and hiring requirements for new and returning employees, please visit the web page below:

Onboarding Requirements for New Hires & Rehires

Intralocation Transfers (current employees) are required to complete new appointment paperwork, but are not required to attend an onboarding session with Talent Acquisition. If you are a faculty or student employee moving into a staff role for the first time, you are welcome to attend an onboarding orientation or request a copy of the materials that we provide to our new employees.

To learn more about hiring requirements for current employees accepting a new job at UC Santa Cruz, please visit the web page below:

Hiring Requirements for Current Employees

BENEFITS: While we do provide a brief overview of benefits at onboarding, we recommend that all new employees that are planning to opt into benefits view the benefits orientation modules as early as possible after their first day. 

You can find more information at the links below:

Hire Process Timeline

Once the informal offer from the hiring unit is accepted, Talent Acquisition will work with the hiring unit and the selected candidate to initiate the steps necessary to prepare the new or returning hire for their first day. If a criminal history background check is needed, the selected candidate will receive the formal offer AFTER the background check results are processed.

The employment onboarding requirements vary depending on the type of hire. Please review the onboarding requirements for the appropriate category below:

  • New Hire:  a hire that has never worked at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Rehire: a former UC employee that has separated from the university, with a break in service between their last appointment and the appointment they will be hired into.
  • Intralocation Hire: a current employee in active appointment at UC Santa Cruz; that transfers into a new appointment without a break in service.
  • Interlocation Hire: an active employee at another UC that will transfer from their appointment at the other campus into the appointment at UC Santa Cruz without a break in service. These employees will need to work with our Talent Acquisition team to ensure a smooth transition to UC Santa Cruz.

Step Action New Hire Rehire Intra- location Transfer Inter- location Transfer
1 Employee accepts formal offer of employment from Talent Acquisition and establishes a hire date
2 Employee receives a welcome email with offer confirmation letter and information about onboarding/hiring requirements
3 If attending onboarding remotely, employee receives a Google calendar invitation for onboarding session

Employee receives an email request to complete section 1 of Tracker I-9. Section 2 will be completed by your Authorized Representative prior to onboarding or by Talent Acquisition at your onboarding appointment (some re-hires do not need to complete this step)

5 Employee receives an email from IT Services requesting action to set up your Cruz ID and passwords (email is not initiated until 2 weeks prior to employee hire date)
6 Employee received employee ID via email, indicating that they will have access to UCPath & CruzPay within 7 business days (notification may be sent before or after hire date)
7 Employee attends New/Rehire onboarding appointment and completes the Tracker I-9 process and electronic Docusign signatures
8 Post-onboarding: employee receives follow-up email with general informational from Talent Acquisition
9 Post-onboarding: employee receives invitation to a Transportation & Parking orientation from the TAPS Team
Step Action New Hire Rehire Intra- location Transfer Inter- location Transfer

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the Talent Acquisition Team at hiring@ucsc.edu.