Pay for Performance (P4P)

Pay for Performance recognizes and rewards non-represented employees through a merit based salary program. Using the structure of an annual performance review, the goal is to reward higher performance with higher pay. Performance-based pay increases are critical to engaging staff. You deserve recognition of the exemplary contributions you continue to make in delivering the mission of the University of California.

Annual reviews provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations between supervisors and employees about our work at UC Santa Cruz. It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments, evaluate performance and think about how we can grow professionally. With our pay for performance program for policy covered staff, performance appraisals are more important than ever, as they are a basis for differentiating pay for performance.

“The best way to engage staff members and provide effective feedback is to hold regular face-to-face meetings about goals, performance and development. Candid feedback about successes, shortcomings and goal progress that occur throughout the year make the annual review much less of a "chore" and more of  a natural opportunity to summarize all the earlier feedback sessions”

-Steven Stein, Associate Vice-Chancellor & CHRO, Staff Human Resources