Fair Hiring Guide

Records Disposition

It is the law to keep recruitment records that document the selection and hiring processes. Records are also important to keep in case a former candidate claims they were treated unfairly or were discriminated against during the recruitment process. Talent Acquisition is the keeper of the records and in these cases would be contacted to provide the records from a particular recruitment that is in question.

Once the formal job offer process is underway, the Hiring Manager (HM) and/or search committee chair should complete the forms in Recruitment Document Suite and gather all documentation generated while conducting the recruitment. 

  • All hard copy documents will need to be scanned and saved as electronic documents.
  • All documents should be saved to the “Unit Documents” folder in the Recruitment Document Suite in Google Drive. NOTE: we are not able to accept a shortcut to these files saved elsewhere, so please ensure these documents are saved to the Recruitment Document Suite.
  • Documentation that should be included in your Recruitment Document Suite:
    1. All required recruiting documents provided by Talent Acquisition
    2. Interview questionnaires with all committee member notations
    3. Reference checks with notations
    4. Any other information gathered on applicants/candidates during the process such as work samples, responses to supplemental questions, pre-interview reference checks, etc.
    5. Process overview and deliberations - documentation of the recruitment process followed, including notable decisions made - click HERE for more detailed instructions
    6. Copies of communications to and from applicants and candidates

The HM or chair is responsible for ensuring that the group’s assessment of all applicants and candidates is recorded on the Applicant and Candidate Disposition Log.

All required forms and unit-generated documents will be retained by Talent Acquisition for four years. For questions related these requirements, please email Talent Acquisition at hiring@ucsc.edu.