Academic Student Employees (BX)

The Santa Cruz campus employs approximately 500 Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows and Associates-In who are represented by the United Auto Workers. The bargaining agreement between the University and the Association of Student Employees/UAW governs their employment.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Salary Information

For salary information, see Academic PO Compensation and Benefits.

Policies & Other Resources

UAW Union Contacts

  • UAW Local 2865
    Anastasia McTaggart, Chair 
    501 Mission Street, Suite 11
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    Phone: 510-549-3863

  • UAW Local 2865 Systemwide
    2070 Allston Way, Suite 205
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    Phone: 510-549-3863
    Fax: 510-549-2514