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Note - We have updated our forms for accessibility. To ensure you get the latest version, refresh your browser upon opening a recently opened document. Some forms are accessible through Adobe Acrobat. For more information and instructions on how to install Adobe Acrobat, please reference the ITS Webpage.





  • Discrimination Complaint Form     (Link)
    For employee use when reporting a complaint to the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (EEO/AA). Also see Filing a Complaint.

  • DocuSign     (Link)
    DocuSign allows you to send, sign, and manage documents electronically including legally binding signatures to official university forms. DocuSign only works with your CruzID email address, it will NOT work with Google email aliases. If you have another email address (@ucolick.org, @soe.ucsc.edu, or @scipp.ucsc.edu), please note they will not work with DocuSign for sending or receiving documents. If you have received a DocuSign email to your Google email alias, please notify the sender and have them resend it to your CruzID email address.


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  • Max Vacation Exception Request  -  shr-1220.pdf
    This document shall be used by the Unit to notify the Timekeeper that they are requesting an exception to the Max Vacation suspension called for based on policy or contract language.



  • Off-boarding Checklist for Supervisors  -  shr-1965.pdf
    This checklist provides clear guidance for the separation of an employee on or before their separation date. Supervisors are expected to review this checklist with their employees on or before the date of separation. Please email completed forms to bapper-group@ucsc.edu.
  • Overtime Election Forms Page     
    A list of overtime election forms and additional information regarding the Compensatory Time Off.


  • Performance Appraisal and Development Forms
    Beginning with the 2019-20 appraisal call, all staff (represented and policy-covered) should be appraised using ePerformance, the new electronic form.

  • Personnel File Access Request  -  shr-1360.pdf
    Used by current staff employees to request access to their personnel file from Staff Human Resources. Requests for files from service centers must be made directly to the service center. Former staff must submit record requests to Information Practices. Academic employees should contact Academic Personnel.

  • Position Control Request Form     (Online Tool)
    Use the Job Builder tool to create a new position or update an existing position or job description. Positions track details for a specific job in a specific department, location, union, and funding source regardless of whether an incumbent exists.

  • Proof of Service Form  -  shr-1370.pdf
    To be completed with original and copies when proof of service or statement of delivery or mailing is required.    


  • Recruitment Ad Template     Google template (select "File" then "Make a copy")
    Contains standard ad copy used to socialize UC Santa Cruz employment opportunities. For more information, see Recruitment Advertising.      

  • Reduced Fee Application Form  -  link
    Application to receive reduced training fees for participating training programs. For career staff employees who have worked 6 months or more and completed probation, faculty and non-senate academic appointees who have worked at least 50% time for 6 months or more, and retirees. For more information, please visit Career Staff Reduced Fee Program.

  • Reference Check Form     reference-check-form.pdf
    Helps verify the claims made by applicants in their interview and supports more informed hiring decisions. Using a form and standard questions, allows a fair process for the collection of the same information for every candidate.

  • Retired Employee Approvals Form (UBEN 138) (pdf)
    UCRP Waiver and Release Form, including guidelines for reemployment after retirement.

  • UCRP Reemployed Retiree Notification Form (UBEN 1039) (pdf)
    UCRP Waiver and Release Form, including guidelines for reemployment after retirement.


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  • Telecommuting Agreement
    Outlines agreed-upon conditions, requirements and expectations to ensure successful telecommuting and remote work arrangements. This document is prepared jointly by the employee and manager and subject to the department head/senior manager’s approval.

  • Termination Templates
    For forms/templates associated with or related to Termination, please consult your Employee Relations Analyst.

  • Timesheet - Biweekly
    Is an official internal record used by biweekly employees to record hours worked, overtime/CTO accrual, and other information needed to support compensation. For assistance and to receive a copy, please consult your Timekeeper.

  • Timesheet - Monthly Exempt
    Is an official internal record used by exempt employees to record absences of more than a day and to track leave balances. For assistance and to receive a copy, please consult your Timekeeper.



  • UC Benefits Forms     (Link)
    University of California At Your Service provides benefits forms & publications.      

  • Unemployment Insurance Termination Report     (Link)
    Unemployment Insurance Termination Report to be completed by the department(s) for all separating employees.         



  • Waiver of Recruitment Request Form  (Link)
    Hiring Units will use this form to provide justification and request the hire of an identified candidate (in lieu of an open recruitment). A waiver of recruitment may be approved only in exceptional circumstances and must be based upon extraordinary business necessity. A waiver of recruitment requires documentation that addresses the reasons why conducting a competitive recruitment would cause the department undue hardship in meeting its goals.




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