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  • Additional/One-time Payment Request Form     shr-2040.doc  (under revision - 09/28/15)
    This form is a data collection tool to assist Staff HR in making a one-time payment for payroll purposes to a staff or student employee. Prior to using this form or making agreements on payments please consult Staff HR.      

  • Alien (Resident & Non-Resident) Forms     (Link)
    Links to an index page that provides links to several payroll-related forms for resident and non-resident alien employees, including associated instructions and guidelines.   

  • Applicant Screening Matrix     shr-1440.xls
    Used for evaluation of applicants based upon review of application materials or interview dialog. For more information contact a Recruitment Specialist.

  • Applicant Selection Log (ASL)     shr-1450.doc
    Used to document interviewees and alternates, and reasons for non-selection of all other applicants under consideration. For more information, see Recruitment. 



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  • Employee Action Request (EAR) Form     shr-1250.pdf
    For use by Departments when requesting a personnel action (i.e. reclassification review, salary increase, or other action).      

  • Employment Opportunities Flyer Template     shr-1920.doc
    Used to create Employment Opportunities Flyer. Also see additional information regarding Recruitment Advertising Resources.      

  • Exit Interview E-mail Template     shri-9028.doc
    UCSC Staff Exit Interview E-mail Template for use by Employee & Labor Relations Analysts only.      

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  • Onboarding Toolkit
    Onboarding provides employees with the necessary tools, resources, and support, so that they may have confidence in the University, and their own ability to achieve success.

  • Off-boarding Checklist for Supervisors
    This checklist provides clear guidance for the separation of an employee on or before their separation date. Supervisors are expected to review this checklist with their employees on or before the date of separation. Please mail completed forms to mailstop: Staff Human Resources – Operations.
  • Overtime Election Forms     
    A list of overtime election forms and additional information regarding the Compensatory Time Off.      




  • Recruitment Ad Template     shr-1970.doc
    Contains standard ad copy used to create UCSC employment ads. Ads placed by Employment will utilize this format unless otherwise requested. For more information, see Recruitment Advertising Resources.      

  • Reduced Fee Application Form     shr-1380.pdf
    Application to receive reduced training fees for participating training programs. For career staff employees who have worked 6 months or more and completed probation, faculty and non-senate academic appointees who have worked at least 50% time for 6 months or more, and retirees. [Guidelines]

  • Reference Check Form  (Reference checks are now mandatory)  referenceCheckForm.pdf
    Helps verify the claims made by applicants in their interview and supports more informed hiring decisions. Using a form and standard questions, allows a fair process for the collection of the same information for every candidate.
  • Regular Rate & Premium Overtime Pay Calculations     shr-1700.xls
    Contains calculations for the "regular" rate of pay required when paying out overtime to employees who have stipends in addition to their normal appointments and shift differentials. SeeOvertime Recording and Compensation for full instructions.      

  • RMS Account Application Form     shr-2039.pdf
    Completion of this form is required before access to the Recruitment Management System (RMS) will be granted. Note: All applicants are also required to complete a user specific training before being issued an account.      

  • RMS Worksheet: Job Offer - Open/Campus-Only Recruitments     shr-2002.doc
    Used by the hiring unit to document the terms and conditions of the offer to the selected candidate and the reasons why other interviewed candidates were not selected. For more information see Recruitment.      

  • RMS Worksheet: Non-Recruitment     shr-2003.doc
    Used by the hiring unit to fill a temporary staff vacancy through non-recruitment. For more information, see Non-Recruitment.      

  • RMS Worksheet: Open/Campus-Only - all types except Straight Replacement     shr-2000.doc
    Used by the hiring unit to initiate a request to fill a staff vacancy through Open or Campus-Only Recruitment. If you are requesting a straight replacement previously recruited for in RMS use RMS Worksheet: Open/Campus-Only - Straight Replacement. For more information, see Recruitment.      

  • RMS Worksheet: Open/Campus-Only - Straight Replacement     shr-2001.doc
    Used by the hiring unit to initiate a request to fill a staff vacancy through Open or Campus-Only Recruitment that has previously been recruited in RMS, and no changes were made to the job description. Use RMS Worksheet: Open/Campus-Only - all types except Straight Replacement for all other recruitment requests. For more information, see Recruitment.      

  • RMS Worksheet: Supplemental Job Offers - Non-Recruitment or Waiver of Recruitment     shr-2005.doc
    Used by the hiring unit when requesting more than one hire from a Non-Recruitment or Waiver of Recruitment. This form should be used in conjunction with the RMS Worksheet: Non-Recruitment or the RMS Worksheet: Waiver of Recruitment.      

  • RMS Worksheet: Waiver of Recruitment     shr-2004.doc
    Used by the hiring unit to fill a vacancy through a waver of recruitment. For more information, see Waiver of Recruitment.      


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  • Volunteer Agreement Letter     shr-1660.pdf
    Required for employees volunteering services within their division/department — services may not be the same as those for which the employee is paid by the University. For more information, see Volunteers.        

  • Volunteer Waiver and Election of Workers' Compensation Form     (Link)
    To be used by persons not employed by UCSC who are providing volunteer services for UC benefit.      




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