Glossary of Terms

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  • A7
    The Bargaining Unit code for Santa Cruz Senate Faculty.

  • Actions
    The hiring of a current UC Santa Cruz employee into a position within or outside their current campus unit.

    American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees [More]

  • APM
    See Academic Personnel Manual

  • ACDL
    Applicant and Candidate Disposition Log



  • Campus Only Recruitment
    A competitive recruitment process which is limited to internal applicants in order to support the career progress of qualified UC Santa Cruz employees. [More]
  • Career Tracks
    System-wide compensation and classification system for non-represented positions [More]

  • Compensation/Classification Analyst (CA)
    A member of the SHR Compensation team that performs consultative services that include compensation planning and administration as well as initial classification and reclassification of positions

  • Concurrent Jobs
    When a UC Santa Cruz employee is employed in multiple positions whose combined FTE is 1.0 or less, the employee is said to have concurrent jobs.

  • CNA
    California Nurses Association [More]
  • CTO
    Compensatory Time Off

  • CX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Clerical Employees.



  • Dual Employment
    When a UC Santa Cruz employee is employed in multiple positions whose combined FTE is greater than 1.0, the employee is said to have dual employment. [More]

  • DX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Doctors.


  • EAR
    Employee Action Request, Online tool used by departments when requesting a personnel action for an existing UC Santa Cruz employee (i.e. reclassification review, salary change, stipend). [More]

  • Employee Class
    Employee Class (i.e. Staff: Career, Staff: Contract, Student: Casual/Restricted) defines the type of employee and drives benefits and accrual eligibility.
  • ELRA
    Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst
    Assists division with staff recruitment and hiring [More]

  • Employee Onboarding
    New employees must complete payroll paperwork on or before the first day of work. [More]

  • Employee Unit Code (EUC)
    Alpha/numeric code used to identify the personnel policy or collection bargaining agreement governing the job classification.

  • EX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Patient Care Technical Employees.

  • External Candidate Gateway
    Is part of the TAM system in UCPath used by the public (non-UC Santa Cruz employees) to search for and apply to job openings.


  • FLSA
    See Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

  • FMLA
    Family Medical Leave Act

    Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, Location

  • FTE
    Full Time Equivalency; The percentage of time (i.e. 1.0, .75, .50) an employee is expected to work in their position.

  • Full Time Positions
    A position is designated as Full-time if the scheduled hours of work are 40 hours per week.

    Federated University Police Officers Association [More]
  • Furlough
    A scheduled period (not to exceed three months per calendar year) during which employees in partial-year career positions are not at work.

  • FX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Academic Researchers United.



  • Hire/Hiring
    An employment action resulting from a Competitive Recruitment, Non-Recruitment or Waiver of Recruitment.

  • Hiring Manager
    The individual with authority to make the final hiring decision.
  • Hiring Unit/Department
    The unique unit or department, which is recruiting to fill a current opening within their unit. Assists divisions with staff recruitment and hiring

  • HX
    The Bargaining Unit code Health Care Professionals.


  • Initial Review Date (IRD)
    The date that application materials must be received by in order to ensure consideration by the hiring unit. Materials received after the Initial Review Date (IRD) will only be referred to the hiring unit upon their request.

  • Interlocation Transfer
    An interlocation transfer occurs when a UC employee leaves their job with one UC location in order to accept a job at another UC location without a break in service.

  • Intralocation Transfer
    The hiring of a current UC Santa Cruz employee  into another position at UC Santa Cruz, without a break in service, via a recruitment process.
  • Internal Candidate GatewayIs part of the TAM system in UCPath used by current UC Santa Cruz employees to search for and apply to job openings.
  • IRD
    See Initial Review Date

  • IX
    The Bargaining Unit code Non-Senate Instructional Appointees (Lecturers).


  • Job Code
    Attribute of the position used to define job titles and related classifications, including job families, FLSA, compensation rate ranges and steps, and EEO compliance categories.
  • Job Description
    A description of the major responsibilities, duties, qualifications associated with a specific job.

  • Job Opening ID
    A unique number associated with each job opening in TAM.          

  • Job Posting
    Reflects a combination of job description (job duties, qualifications, etc) information, and the terms and conditions of employment associated with the vacancy. You can view current job posting at            

  • Job Title  
    The working title of a specific job opening (located at the top of the posting).       




  • MSP
    Managers and Senior Professionals


  • New Hire
    The hiring of an individual who has never worked at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Non-Recruitment
    A non-competitive process in which the hiring manager identifies the candidate for hire into a temporary position in lieu of the position being posted and advertised. [More]  

  • NX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Registered Nurses.          


  • Onboarding 
    See New Employee Onboarding.   

  • Open Recruitment 
    A competitive process that seeks a broad pool of qualified, diverse applicants and normally utilizes a search committee to screen, interview and identify a candidate for hire. [More]    

  • Open Until Filled
    The designation that a job will continue to be advertised and applications will continue to be accepted up until an offer of employment has been made and accepted.  

  • Overtime Exemption Status (OES)  
    Designates eligibility for overtime compensation. N (Non-Exempt) is an OES code indicating titles eligible for overtime compensation. E or G (Exempt) are OES codes indicating titles that are not eligible for overtime compensation. Also see Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).     


  • PA
    The Bargaining Unit code for Police Officers.

  • Part Time Positions  
    A position is designated as part-time if the scheduled hours of work are less than 40 hours per week.

  • PIE
    Period of Initial Eligibility

  • Position
    Represents a ‘box’ in UC Santa Cruz’s organizational structure. A position can be filled if an employee currently occupies that position, or vacant if no employee currently holds that position. Positions track details for a specific job regardless of whether an incumbent exists. Position attributes include classification, employee relations code, department, union, salary grade, FTE, and FLSA status.

  • Position Control Request
    Used to route requests to SHR Compensation for the creation of a new position, or updates to an existing vacant position in UCPath. Use the Job Builder tool to create a new position or update an existing position or job description. Positions track details for a specific job in a specific department, location, union, and funding source regardless of whether an incumbent exists.
  • PPSM
    See Personnel Policies for Staff Members

  • Preferential Rehire
    A regular status employee who has been separated as a result of layoff shall receive preferential consideration for any active and vacant career position based on criteria set forth in policy and collective bargaining agreements. [More]     

  • Proportionate to Time Worked 
    Job postings reflect full-time equivalent salaries. Part time positions will earn a proportion of the full-time salary level. A 20 hour/week position (50% time) would earn 50% of the salary stated on the job announcement. For example: $2400/month for a 20 hour/week position would earn $1200/month.     

  • PSS
    Professional and Support Staff
    See Personnel Policies for Staff Members

  • PX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Postdoctoral Scholars.



  • Recruitment
    The process used to fill a job opening. [More]        

  • Recruitment Approver (RA) 
    The recruitment approver is identified by the Principal Officer, or their designee, within each division. The RA is responsible for approving job opening details prior to posting, and job offer details such as salary to offer and moving expense reimbursement.

  • Recruitment Document Suite
    The Recruitment Document Suite is located in Google Drive and consists of numerous resources designed to provide hiring teams with guidance for recruitment planning and documentation of the recruiting process.
  • Recruitment Method
    Indicates the method used to fill a vacant position(s), including Competitive Recruitment (Open Recruitment or Campus Only), Non-Competitive Recruitment (Non-Recruitment or Waiver of Recruitment)

  • Recruitment Status   
    Identifies the recruiting stages for a job opening.  

  • Recruitment Type
    Standard Recruitment is one where acceptance of applications, screening and hiring activities all occur in a single effort to fill one or more vacancies. Continuous Recruitment is one where acceptance of applications continues for a posting period of up to 12 months. Screening and hiring activities occur at intervals as needed throughout the posting period to fill multiple vacancies.

  • Rehire
    The hiring of an individual who has previously worked at UC Santa Cruz

  • RX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Research Support Professionals.    


  • SCFA
    Santa Cruz Faculty Association [More]

  • Search Committee   
    A group of individuals normally selected by the hiring manager who participates in the screening of applications, interviewing, and the selection of the top candidate(s).

  • Selection Criteria   
    A numbered list of qualifications and/or competencies contained within the job description which are utilized by the search committee to evaluate applicants and candidates for hire.          

  • Shift Differential   
    Additional compensation paid to an employee in an eligible class who is required by management to work an assigned evening, night or weekend shift. See PPSM 30 and/or union agreements.   

  • SHR
    Staff Human Resources

  • SMG
    Senior Management Group

  • STAR
    Staff Appreciation & Recognition Plan [More] 

  • SX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Service Employees.


  • Talent Acquisition Administrative Assistant (TA Admin)
    A member of Staff Human Resources Talent Acquisition team, provides administrative support in a wide range of recruiting and hiring activities, including advertising.

  • Talent Acquisition Consultant (TAC)
    A member of Staff Human Resources Talent Acquisition team, is responsible for partnering with hiring departments to fill vacancies, including job offers.
  • Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM)
    The applicant tracking system in UCPath used for staff recruiting. The system includes an External Candidate Gateway and an Internal Candidate Gateway

  • TCS Inquiry
    Title Code Web Inquiry System. This system can be used to view information and rates for all University of California title codes, both academic and non-academic.
  • TX
    The Bargaining Unit code for Technical Employees.


  • UCRP
    University of California Retirement Program [More]
  • Unit  
    An academic or administrative group within the campus regarded as a distinct entity in the larger campus organizational structure. Also see hiring unit/department.

  • UPTE
    University Professional and Technical Employees [More]      



  • Waiver of Recruitment   
    A non-competitive recruitment process in which the hiring manager identifies the candidate for hire in lieu of the position being posted and advertised. [More]   





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