Applicant Statuses

The list below describes every available applicant status. Applicants can check their status at any time by visiting and logging into your account.


Status Summary

Application Received 

Your application materials have been received by the system and are waiting to be routed to the hiring department. 

  • Application materials received by 11:59 p.m. on the Initial Review Date (IRD) will be forwarded to the hiring department within 2 business days.
  • If the IRD has passed, additional applications will be routed only at the request of the hiring department. Your status will remain at this status until:
    • The unit requests more applications. Your status will then change to Routed for Further Consideration.
    • The candidate pool is identified and the job closed. Your status will then change to No Longer Under Consideration.

Routed for Further Consideration

Your application materials have been routed to the hiring department.

  • The hiring unit may use a search committee to review applications, conduct interviews, etc.
  • Identification of interviewees can take 4 to 8 weeks after the application materials are referred to the hiring department.
  • Hiring unit and/or search committee will schedule and conduct interviews.

No Longer Under Consideration 

If you applied by the Initial Review Date (IRD), your application materials were carefully considered and assessed against required job qualifications. The hiring department determined your application materials did not demonstrate the skills required to be selected for an interview.

  • Follow-up communication with applicants routed/not interviewed is at the discretion of the hiring department.
  • Applicants may contact the Talent Acquisition Office at 831-459-2009 to inquire which selection criteria they did not meet as strongly as those selected for interview.

If your application materials were not routed for one of the reasons below, you should receive a notification from the system once the job is closed.

  • Application was received by the system after the IRD; hiring department did not request additional applications. 
  • Application was received by the system, however the recruitment was withdrawn and received applications were not routed. 
  • Application was received by the system, however a Preferential Rehire candidate was hired and no other received applications were routed.

Not Submitted

You began the application process but your work was interrupted, you experienced a power loss, or for some reason your session ended incorrectly resulting in an incomplete submittal of your application materials.

You may complete the application process by logging into the system and clicking the “Complete” link under the column heading titled, “Status” from the Application Status screen.


You successfully applied but you later took action to withdraw your application materials from further consideration.


The Talent Acquisition office has received the paperwork to initiate the job offer process with you. 

  • A Talent Acquisition Consultant will contact you via phone to discuss the terms and conditions of the position, extend to you a conditional job offer, and explain the overall job offer process. 

Offer Accepted

You, the selected candidate, have accepted the formal job offer and a start date has been determined. 


The hiring process is complete and you have begun your new job. 

Offer Rejected

You declined an offer of employment extended by Staff Human Resources.