Work Environment

  • Show your new employee their work area
  • Ensure your new employee has all necessary supplies and equipment
  • Allow time to set up work area
  • Provide a tour of the work site
  • Provide building specific facilities guide if applicable
  • Point out storage areas for resource materials and supplies
  • Point out restrooms, common shared areas and points of interest (e.g., vending machines, refrigerator, coffee area, break room, mail boxes, printers, copiers)
  • Explain building access and security measures
  • Issue keys or similar department access
  • Tour Environmental Health & Safety's Injury and Illness Prevention Program website and review the program Departmental Plan
  • Discuss transportation and parking options and allow time for your new employee to go to Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) (if working on campus)
Work Station
  • Explain how to use office equipment (phones, printers, copy machines, fax)
  • Review telephone system and etiquette
  • Tour your department’s website, intranet and other websites important to your new employee’s position
  • Provide a staff list with phone numbers/e-mail addresses
  • Show how to send and where to receive US and campus mail
  • Review computer workstation ergonomics

Assure your new employee that their comfort and productivity are important. If they experience any discomfort, they should let their supervisor know right away.

Review department operations and practices

  • Ordering equipment and supplies
  • Confidential data management
  • Signature authorities
  • Review job-specific policies, procedures and compliance matters
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