Catering Requirements

To ensure compliance with RP 5402 and AFSCME Article 5, all full-service catering for a department intending to cater an event at a UCSC owned or leased facility must use UC Santa Cruz Catering Services. If for some reason UC Santa Cruz Catering is unable to perform the services, the Department must receive approval from Labor Relations before hiring an outside catering company to perform the service.

What is Full-Service Catering?

A full suite of services including food preparation, set-up and food service.

  •  Food is prepared/cooked by the supplier; and
  • The supplier sets up the event which may include table cloths, chafing dishes, serving utensils, plates, napkins, etc. They will clean up and take away all food service related items when the event has concluded; and
  • The supplier will remain on site to serve food from a buffet, tableside, or by passing a tray.

What Is NOT Considered Full-Service Catering?

  • Takeout: food is picked up from an offsite restaurant or food provider.
  • Delivery: food is delivered by an offsite restaurant or food provider and dropped off on campus.
  • Events where an individual is leasing or renting a University owned facility for non-university purposes, such as weddings.

Contracting Out For Catering

UCSC Catering Services must be given the opportunity to provide full-service catering before a department seeks the service of an external supplier. Visit the Catering Services website for details on how to submit a request for full-service catering.

A Service Declined email will be issued to the department if UCSC Catering Services is not able to accommodate the request. The department then submits a Contracting Out Request (COR) form in Service Now. A PDF of the Service Declined email and a copy of the estimate/invoice must be attached to the COR form. Failure to do so will delay the processing of the COR form.

Go to, Contracting Out Approval Process for more details.

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