Contracting out for work normally performed by SX or EX covered employees is only allowed if the circumstances meet one of the rigid exceptions contained in Article 5 of collective bargaining agreements. 

  • An emergency which creates a safety risk or jeopardizes University operations. 
  • Equipment and/or employees with the necessary expertise to perform the service are not available at the University location.
  • Services are incidental to a contract for purchase or lease of real or personal property.
  • Urgent, temporary or occasional need so regular processes cannot be used.
  • Remote facility – not within 10-mile radius of campus, medical center or lab.
  • Services are performed by registry personnel in clinical operations to address short-term staffing needs.

K7 Article 4 Exceptions:

  • An after-hours emergency where a K7 employee does not respond.
  • Occasional, one-off project where specific craft shop does not have current capacity.
  • Large scale, one-time project requiring more personnel than available.
  • Specialized skills, expertise, and/or equipment needed that is not available at UCSC.
  • Services required to supplement skills and expertise of K7 employees.