Approval Process

A Department can only proceed with contracting out for SX, EX or K7 work after all staffing options have been determined to not be feasible and approval by the local Labor Relations Office has been received. The Staff HR Contracting Out Request (COR) form should be submitted prior to requesting a CruzBuy requisition. This form is used to collect specific information from the department regarding their service needs. This includes:

  • A detailed explanation of all staffing options (e.g. overtime, stipend, recruitment) considered and why they are not feasible,
  • Contract duration,
  • Supplier sScope of work,
  • Work location, if known,
  • Dollar value of contract, and
  • Specific exception(s) used to justify the request and a narrative justification explaining why the exception(s) applies.

SHR Compensation will review the form and determine if the supplier scope of work aligns with a UC SX or EX job title or UCSC K7 job title.  If it does, the form is routed to Labor Relations for review.

Failure by a department to provide adequate details will delay processing of their request. The Department must attach a copy of the (COR) form to the CruzBuy requisition if contracting out is approved.

The links below provide workflow details.

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