Temporary Staffing Services

I. Summary

Temporary staffing providers may be used by campus units to fill short-term administrative, professional, technical, and light industrial assignments expected to last less than 6 months. Please note that temporary staffing agency personnel performing cash handling duties are covered by UC Business and Finance Bulletin 49-Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received and therefore required to undergo a background check through the temporary staffing agency. All approved agencies in contract with UC Santa Cruz will ensure their personnel assigned to critical positions have passed a background check before placement begins. 

II. Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Temporary Staffing Process Summary - Procurement Services

III. Authority

The Unit Head should consult individuals within their division who have funding authority and/or authority to approve HR actions before initiating a temporary staffing request. Funding approval is based upon divisional delegations of authority.

The Employment Office within Staff Human Resources is responsible for monitoring the campuses adherence to length of assignment requirements. Assignment extensions require approval of the Employment Manager.

IV. Criteria

Units are strongly encouraged to fill vacant positions through recruitment; however, temporary staffing services may be used if the assignment has a definite end date that does not exceed 6 months in duration.

V. Process Overview


  • Develop/update the job description, identifying important/critical job functions and duties, and determining the qualifications required for successful performance. Ensure required background checks and other relevant special conditions of employment are referenced.
  • Determine the appropriate method for filling the vacancy. See the Filling a Vacancy guide for a complete list of options. Your Employee & Labor Relations Analyst can assist with this determination.
  • Secure funding approval per divisional protocol.
  • Consult with Procurement Services to determine the best temporary staffing vendor and proceed with process at the Procurement Services website to acquire temporary staffing services under How to Initiate a Request for a Temporary Worker.

Temporary Staffing Vendor:

  • Provide the requesting campus unit with information on relevant UC policies and local procedures.
  • Source candidates, conduct interviews and reference checks and ensure all required background checks are completed prior to the begin date of the assignment. 


  • Review and approve hours worked using Enterprise Time Capture System (ETC). Access is granted to campus users when the assignment begins.
  • Monitor completion of the temporary staffing assignment to ensure adherence to campus usage limits.

Temporary Staffing Vendor:

  • Generate paychecks and invoices based upon hours approved by UC Santa Cruz.
  • Provide monthly ‘length of assignment’ report to Staff Human Resources. Report must be delivered via email no later than the 10th day of the following month.

Staff Human Resources:

  • Review monthly ‘length of assignment’ reports provided by the vendor.
  • Consult with the unit when the temporary staffing assignment reaches 4 months in duration.
  • Issue notification letter to unit when the temporary staffing assignment reaches 5 months in duration.
  • Inform the Principal Officer when temporary staffing assignment exceeds 6 months in duration.

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