Campus-Only Recruitment

I. Summary

Under UC Policy PPSM 20 Recruitment and Promotion, a recruitment may be limited to internal candidates to support career progress of current UC Santa Cruz employees. A campus-only recruitment must be consistent with equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action objectives. The Chief Human Resources Officer has the authority to approve limiting competitive recruitment to internal candidates after consultation with the Affirmative Action Officer. Effective through June 30, 2020, the use of campus-only recruitment process has been approved for UC Santa Cruz.

II.  Related Policies, Contract Articles and References

  1. Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) - employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement:
    • PPSM 3-Types of Appointment
    • Presidential Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action in the Workplace
    • PPSM 20-Recruitment
    • PPSM 21-Appointment
    • PPSM 60-Layoff and Reduction in Time from PPSM Career Positions
    • PPSM 66-Medical Separations
  2. Fair Hiring Guide
  3. Filling a Vacancy

III. Authority

The Chief Human Resource Officer in consultation with the Affirmative Action Officer has the authority to approve limiting competitive recruitment to internal candidates. 

IV. Criteria

All vacancies covered by Personnel Policies for Staff Members, including MSP positions, are eligible for this program by department request.  Campus-only recruitments should follow fair hiring and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action best practices as outlined in the Fair Hiring Guide, ensuring that all applicants are given full and fair consideration for the vacancy.

V.  Process Overview

Hiring Managers and Committee Chairs are required to complete Fair Hiring Training every 3 years. 

The recruitment process for a Campus-Only Recruitment mirrors the Open Recruitment process with the nuances outlined below:

  • The job posting includes language to identify the job as campus only and includes detailed instructions for applicants to apply
  • Current employees must apply to the job posting via the Internal Candidate Gateway
  • Only current employees who apply through the Internal Candidate Gateway will be routed to the hiring unit for consideration

When the HM or designee requests the recruitment through the Job Opening Request Form, you will indicate that your request is for a competitive, internal recruitment. 

A minimum of two (2) campus-only eligible applicants are required to conduct an internal screening process. If there are not enough applicants to proceed with a campus-only recruitment, Talent Acquisition will contact the hiring unit with options.

If there are two (2) or more eligible internal applicants, Talent Acquisition will route the applications to the hiring unit as usual. If after the applicant screening process, the hiring unit does not feel the pool is qualified, they can reach out to their TA Consultant to request the recruitment is converted to an open recruitment. When the recruitment is converted, a new initial review date (IRD) will be established and all applicants will be eligible to be routed for consideration after the new IRD passes (2 week minimum from conversion date).

For more information, please see Campus Only Employment Opportunities.

VI. Forms/Resources



Hire Types

For employees on UC Santa Cruz payroll, refer to one of the following Intralocation Hire procedures, based on the resulting personnel action:

If the selected candidate has separated from the University since they applied for the position, they will be onboarded as a Rehire, rather than an Intralocation Transfer.

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