Step 2 - Resume

Applying: Resume (Step 2 of 6)

To illustrate your job-related skills and experience, you should attach one or more documents during Step 2. This is the only option to share your work experience, education, credentials and references during the application process. 

While you are instructed to attach your resume and cover letter at this step, we highly recommend you merge ALL your application materials into one document and attach as your resume during this step.

To attach a resume and cover letter

Upload a resume using the “Attach Resume” button. You can also upload a cover letter using the “Attach Cover Letter” button. As recommended in the instructions above, we highly recommend uploading your cover letter and any other supplemental materials as part of your resume, so that you are only attaching one document at this step of the process.

Resume upload

When you select the Attach Resume or Cover Letter button, you will have an opportunity to select a file from your device by clicking on the “My Device” image. Once you select the file to upload, you can either “Upload” or “Clear” if you need to select a different file. 

Choose From Device

Once the file is uploaded, click on “Done” in the upper right corner. 

File uploaded

You will repeat the process to attach a Cover Letter in this step. You can always change the uploaded file before moving to the next step by selecting “Change Resume” or “Change Cover Letter.” When you are ready to move forward, click on the Next button.

Change Resume/Cover Letter

Note: You can save your work as a draft at any step in the process by clicking on the “Save as Draft” button - we recommend selecting the “Save as Draft” button each step of the application process to ensure you do not lose any work. 

Save as Draft

If you choose to attach your supplemental document in this step, some examples of documents you may want or need to include with your application are professional references, letters of recommendation, transcripts, certifications, credentials, diversity statement, or writing samples.

Attaching a merged single document, rather than attaching multiple documents during Step 2 and Step 3 of the process minimizes the risk of issues with file types or with the web page timing out.

*Please note that only Word, PDF, and text forms such as .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, .txt are allowed. Google docs are not compatible with our system. Adding a “Cover Letter” is optional, but very much encouraged.


TIP #1: Your attachments are automatically downloaded as pdf’s when they are routed to the unit for review. We recommend that you convert your documents to pdf’s prior to uploading them so you can update any formatting that may not have translated well when converted.

TIP #2: When converting a document to a pdf for upload, you should remove the file type abbreviation in the title. For example, if you converted a .docx file to a pdf, you will want to remove the “.docx” from the file name.

TIP #3: While there is an option to attach documents to your profile (in “My Activities”), these documents are only viewable to you, as the applicant. This is not recommended for those that want the additional documents to be viewed alongside their submitted materials, as they are not accessible to the Human Resources staff when routing applications.

After providing the information and/or documents you wish to include, click ​”Next” ​to continue.