Step 3 - Attachments

Applying: Attachments (Step 3 of 8)

If you are not able to merge your application materials into a single document to submit with your resume in the previous step, you can attach separate documents in Step 3.

As mentioned previously, some examples of documents you may want or need to include are references, letters of recommendation or transcripts. This is also where you will want to submit any required documents or writing samples requested in the job posting. If you do not see a listing for the type of document you are attaching, just select one of the available options - having an inaccurate document description is not an issue.

TIP #1: The system allows for one attachment for each file type. If you’d like to submit more than one reference, transcript, etc., you will need to merge your documents and attach as one file.

TIP #2: Letters of recommendation are to be submitted by the applicant - they do not require direct submission by the individual providing the letter. If you’d like to include letters of recommendation, please collect these personally, merge into one document and upload along with your application. Submission of letters of recommendation are not required at the application stage unless specifically requested in the Job Opening.

After attaching the documents you wish to include, click ​”Next” ​to continue.

How to Apply: Step 3 of 8