Recruiting Roles

Talent Acquisition Consultant (TAC)

Member of the central Talent Acquisition office in Staff Human Resources. Talent Acquisition works with Hiring Managers to initiate recruitments, consult on recruitment planning and fair hiring practices, and complete job offers and hiring. Specifically, the TAC will:

  • Review recruitment and job offer requests and forward for additional review & approval
  • Assist with critical position identification
  • Facilitate preferential rehire and special reassignment processes as appropriate.
  • Consult with departments regarding recruitment plan details
  • Review posting details, and post approved job openings
  • Assist in developing supplemental, interview and/or reference check questions.
  • Provide guidance and consultation on routine fair hiring/recruitment practices and guidelines
  • Review job offer details, and post approved job offers
  • Confirms completion of recruitment documents, extends job offers, coordinates background checks
  • Completes hiring, contingent worker and interlocation transfer actions in UCPath.
  • Schedules employees for new hire/rehire onboarding

Talent Acquisition Admin Assistant (TA Admin)

Member of the central Talent Acquisition office in Staff Human Resources. Support Hiring Managers and TACs to initiate and post recruiting and hiring activity. Specifically, the TA Admin will:

  • Review posting details and post recruitments to the candidate gateways
  • Process requests for advertising and coordinate placement
  • Facilitate preferential rehire process as appropriate
  • Create a Recruitment Document Suite in Google to provide application materials and recruiting documents to unit contact
  • Facilitate new hire/rehire onboarding and manage intralocation transfer appointment paperwork
  • Oversee completion of post-hire and post-onboarding tasks, including approval of hire templates, statusing applicants and candidates in TAM, tracking onboarding paperwork completion and all post-onboarding communications and follow up with new and rehired employees
  • Support ongoing inquiries related to the Recruitment Document Suite

Hiring Manager (HM)

The Hiring Manager (HM) is in a position of authority to plan and conduct recruiting and hiring activities. The HM is often the Supervisor of the position to be filled, but may act as a delegate under direction of the Supervisor. The unit may also have a Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) or designee that acts as a delegate to initiate oversee recruiting and/or hiring process. The HM/CHM directs the work of the search committee, which is any group of two or more people involved in the evaluation of applicants and/or interviewing candidates. 

HM responsibilities include the following: 

  • Determines whether or not to chair the search committee, and if not, designates a committee chair and selects search committee members
  • Determines the overall recruitment plan
  • Determines the role of the search committee
  • Ensures the committee chair has completed the mandatory Fair Hiring training
  • Ensures the search is conducted according to local fair hiring practices
  • Determines priorities regarding qualifications for the position and communicates those clearly to the committee 
  • Assembles all recruitment records are completed and submitted in a timely fashion as required by Talent Acquisition

All Hiring Managers and designees should review the Fair Hiring Guidelines prior to recruitment activity.

Please visit our Recruitment Training page to understand any training requirements for Hiring Manager. 

Certified Hiring Manager (CHM)

The Certified Hiring Manager (CHM) is designated by the Principle Officer to act on behalf of the Hiring Manager and to oversee recruiting and hiring activities. The CHM possesses strong knowledge of recruitment related systems and resources, including TCS, IT Request forms and the Recruitment Document Suite (RDS).

CHM responsibilities may include the following:

  • Provides support for hiring managers, committee chairs and committee members
  • Provides Fair Hiring guidance for hiring managers and other search committee members
  • Collects data to initiate Position Control Request (PCR) and Job Opening Request (JOR) in IT Request
  • Manages workflow, approvals and status updates for all requests in IT Request
  • Supports the successful completion of the RDS/records

For more information about becoming a Certified Hiring Manager, please reach out to

Recruitment Approver (RA)

This is a new role with the introduction of TAM in summer of 2020. The Recruitment role has replaced the role of the Divisional Approver. Each division should have at least one primary and one back-up RA and may have no more than four. Principal Officers or their designees assign the RA role for their division via email to No specific training is required for this role.

Recruitment Approvers will receive email notifications from the SHR TA Job Opening Request form in IT Request, and take action to complete the following:

  • Review and approve new job opening requests 
  • Review and approve new job offer requests, including: 
    • Offers at above the minimum salary
    • Moving expenses, etc.

Search Committee Members

Search committees are advisory to the Hiring Manager. The role of the search committee is determined by the HM and should be communicated clearly to search committee members. A search committee can provide service in a variety of ways. For more information on search committees, click HERE.

Committee members may participate in all or some of the following activities: 

  • Screen all applications routed for review
  • Documentation of the applicant screening process and selection outcomes
  • Ensure timely communication to applicants of final status 
  • Documentation of recruitment processes and activities

All Search Committee members are expected to review our Fair Hiring Guidelines prior to involvement in recruitment activity.

Please visit our Recruitment Training page to understand any training requirements for Search Committee members.