Recruiting Process

Note: please excuse our dust as we build our new TAM recruiting process documents. We appreciate your patience and hope to have these resources available soon.

Before we jump into the process to request a job opening with Talent Acquisition, please review the two pre-recruitment steps outlined below.

Step 1 = EVC Approval Process
Due to COVI9-19 related strategic hiring management initiatives, all recruitments require approval from the Chancellor or EVC. Each division’s principal officer is responsible for coordinating requests with the Chancellor or EVC offices for approval. The only exception to this requirement is if the position is a 100% grant or contract funded position.

Step 2 = Position Management
Before you can submit a job opening request to Talent Acquisition, you will need to ensure you have a current, up-to-date position #. If you need to create a new position or update an existing position in UCPath, you’ll need to submit a Position Control Request Form (PCR), which can be found in IT-Request in the Staff HR Catalog.

Talent Acquisition no longer receives Job Descriptions from the unit. We rely on the attached job description in UCPath to start our work, so it’s important that you ensure your position # is current and a job description has been provided to Compensation. Other position information in UCPath that may need updating via the PCR could include:

  • Job code classification
  • FTE (appointment percentage of time)
  • Updates to department information
  • Special Conditions of Employment
  • Any updates to the job description

Once you have a current position #, you can move forward with requesting a recruitment with the Talent Acquisition Team.

Requesting a Recruitment

  1. To initiate a new recruitment AFTER the pre-recruitment steps are completed, the HM will submit a Job Opening Request form. This form is located in the SHR: Hiring Requests menu in Staff HR Services in IT Request.
    1. Enter the job data about one or more position(s) and how you want them filled. Reach out to your TAC for access to a Job Opening Request Template to assist in gathering the recruitment information prior to filling out the form online.
    2. TA will get all position information, including the job description, from the position in UCPath.
  2. TA will review the request and reach out if clarification or updates are needed. Once the job posting is ready to post, TA will forward the request to the Recruitment Approver (RA) for approval.

Once approved by the RA, TA will post the job and coordinate any requested paid advertising.

Routing & Requesting Applications

  1. Once the initial review period has been satisfied, TA will route all eligible applications to the unit.
    1. Before routing applications to the HM, TA will screen applications to identify preferential rehire and special reassignment applicants.
  2. TA notifies the HM when applications are available for viewing.
    1. Initial batch - applications are routed within two business days after the initial review date (IRD).
    2. Subsequent batch(es) - additional applications are routed within two business days after receipt of written request to
  3. To review routed applications, reference the link in the emails sent to the HM when the job was posted and when the applications were routed (both emails should include a link to the Recruitment Document Suite).
    1. The applications are saved in the Routed Applications folder in your Recruitment Document Suite (RDS). 
      1. To view or print the PDF files, the HM should download the files - DO NOT open them as google docs.
    2. The applicant names are added to the Screening Matrix for all applicants and to the Applicant and Candidate Disposition Log (ACDL). The applicant contact information is also added to the ACDL for the unit to use later to reach out to applicants.
    3. If the unit would like to request more applications for review, please email the job # and title to You can also use the email functionality in the Job Opening Request/RITM (in IT Request). TA can check the number of additional applications for review prior to routing them if you specify this request in your email.

Applicant Screening

  1. The HM/Search Committee uses the Qualifications Assessment Plan and the Screening Matrixes in the Recruitment Document Suite to screen applicants.
  2. The HM/Search Committee selects interviewees and conducts interviews.
    1. The unit is encouraged to populate the Applicant and Candidate Disposition Log when making decisions about applicants and candidates.
  3. The HM, or designee, conducts reference checks.
  4. The HM makes a hiring decision and may extend an informal job offer if doing so is supported by their department.

Job Offers

  1. The HM ensures that ALL documents in the Recruitment Document Suite are complete. If desired, you can reach out to your TAC for access to a RDS Completion Checklist to track your progress and ensure all steps are complete.
  2. Upon completion of the recruiting documents, the HM emails to request a formal job offer for the selected candidate(s).
  3. TA reviews the job offer and initiates the offer in TAM.
  4. The RA approves the job offer.
  5. Once approved, TA extends the formal job offer to the selected candidate(s) and completes the hire template in TAM.
    1. TA coordinates the pre-employment criminal history background check as needed.
  6. The Talent Acquisition Office conducts onboarding if the selected candidate is a new hire, rehire, or interlocation transfer. For intralocation transfers (current employees moving into a new appointment without a break in service), we will initiate new employment paperwork and ensures all post-offer steps are complete - no onboarding is required for intralocation transfers.

The Talent Acquisition Office completes the hire transaction in UCPath and takes steps to remove the job posting in TAM at the conclusion of the recruitment.

Applicant Statusing & Communications

We are still working on our new TAM recruiting process documents - more content will be available soon. We appreciate your patience and are available to assist with questions at

Recruitment Document Suite / Records

We are still working on our new TAM recruiting process documents - more content will be available soon. We appreciate your patience and are available to assist with questions at

Recruitment Related Information