Approver FAQ

Please see below the FAQ questions specific to Approvers.
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UCPath will log you out after ~20 minutes of inactivity. If you have multiple tabs open to UCPath, each tab is running its own timer. If any browser tab open to UCPath is left untouched for ~20 minutes, it will log you out of all tabs (even if you are actively working in another UCPath tab). We recommend closing any UCPath browser tabs you aren’t actively using to avoid an unwanted logout.

Please note, the Performance Workcenter automatically opens you into a new tab on your browser, creating the perfect scenario for you to be logged out while you are working.

  1. Criteria are defined by the supervisor and/or the employee, to be approved by the supervisor.
  2. (optional) The supervisor and/or the employee can nominate additional staff participants to the evaluation process. One reason for nominating someone could be in the case of dual supervision.
  3. (recommended) The employee completes a self-evaluation.
  4. The supervisor completes the manager evaluation and shares it with their employee.
  5. The employee acknowledges the evaluation.
  6. The supervisor submits evaluation for approval.
  7. The approver approves the performance evaluation.
  1. Criteria are defined by the supervisor to be approved by the supervisor.
  2. The supervisor completes the evaluation and submits it for approval.
  3. The approver approves the performance evaluation.
  4. The supervisor shares the evaluation with the employee.
  5. The employee acknowledges the evaluation.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with their CruzID and gold password
  3. In the left navigation panel, click on Performance Workcenter
  4. Under the Manager Self Service section, click ‘Approve Perform/Develop Docs’
  5. In the Document Type field, enter ‘SCCANNUL’ for annual performance evaluations, or ‘SCPROB’ for probationary performance evaluations, and click ‘Search’

Please note: If there's a rating that's less than a 3 reach out to Employee Relations Analyst and let them know. Do NOT approve the low scoring evaluation without first consulting with the ER Analyst.

In most approvals in UCPath (PayPath, Templates, Position Management, TAM), there is an Approver Comments field next to the approve/deny button. It is necessary to fill this out if denying the transaction, but not if it is approved. This comments box is about the transaction, not the evaluation. Therefore, this is not an extra opportunity to include additional performance related notes.

Employee Relations offers instructor led courses on ePerformance. You can register for the first course, ‘ePerformance Part 1: Defining Criteria and Goal Setting’ through the UC Learning Center. Additional courses on how to complete a performance evaluation will be offered toward the end of the 20-21 annual performance cycle.

The full ePerformance Tool Trainings and step by step instructions can also be found here.

Contact your Employee Relations Analyst with any further questions you have about ePerformance.